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Alison Brie Workout Routine for GLOW

The star of GLOW – Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (2017-Present), Alison Brie has changed her body dramatically to play the role perfectly. She trained hard, took wrestling lessons and did most of her stunts herself.

Alison Brie for Glow
Alison Brie for Glow

In short, she is an inspiration who can help people to understand that if you have enough determination, no fitness goal is too huge. Have a look at her workout routine for GLOW right here and know who helped her in this hard fitness journey.

Character Requirements

Brie is playing the character of Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress who finds herself in a ring with a group of misfits who are cast as professional wrestlers. Her character requires her to make use of every mental and physical muscle in her arsenal. So, the talented actress had to work hard to portray the character in the right light.

Fitness Inspirations

The stunner was inspired to train for the role after seeing the body transformation of Emily Blunt for Edge of Tomorrow (2014). She was so inspired by Brunt that she took the help from her trainer Jason Walsh even before the audition because she didn’t want to lose the role. She was also inspired by Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in Alien (1979).

The Best Trainer Ever

The Mad Men (2007-2015) actress never considered herself to be much of an athlete so she credits Walsh for helping her set fitness goals and to ensure that she achieves the same. His help allowed her to watch herself get into better shape.

Alison Brie at 2017 City Year Los Angeles Spring Break
Alison Brie at 2017 City Year Los Angeles Spring Break

The Support

Her new husband Dave Franco supported her throughout her journey and inspired her to do better. She used to send videos of herself at the gym to him and he used to encourage her to do better.

Being Stronger

The fitness journey helped her to deal with food issues and think about what she is eating without getting obsessive about it. She also felt empowering when she got physically stronger.

Extra Training

The LA-born also took wrestling lessons from cast member Kia Stevens who is a renowned pro wrestler known in the ring as “Awesome King” and “Karma.” She also trained under Chavo Guerrero, whose uncle Mondo Guerrero helped in training the original gorgeous ladies. Guerrero helped her to fall in love with wrestling, along with assisting her to respect the varied philosophies of wrestling.

The Best Compliment

The Community (2009-2015) actress says that when Guerrero saw her in the ring for the very first time, he called her a natural athlete which was her proudest moment. She also felt that there was nothing natural about her athletic body because she had worked hard for it.

From Good to Great

Jason, an NSCA-certified personal trainer says that the gym work didn’t stop when Brie got the role. In fact, things got tougher after that as they started heavy lifting. The founder of the Rise Movement says that he had been training her for 6 years already which means she was in a good shape but she was not strong enough to lift other people, do flips or jump off ropes.

Workout Goal

The founder of the Rise Nation says that he set short and long workout goals for the diva, but the key overarching goal was to get her as strong as it was possible.

Workout Routine

The exact workout routine for GLOW included upping the training frequency. It went from two or three days a week to four or five days a week. When shooting got nearer, they added some conditioning work too. If she couldn’t do conditioning work, she did things like hiking, running or jogging once every week.

Alison Brie doing deadlifts for back
Alison Brie doing deadlifts for back

On the training days, they focused on basic strength training exercises. It involved lots of heavy sleds, pushing, pulling, deadlifts, squat variations, pull ups, hip thrusts, throwing, lunging, jumping and lots of work with a medicine ball. In the final 15-20 minutes of every workout, they focused on targeted training such as core work.

The Greatest Achievements

The American actress considers it to be her biggest achievement that she is now able to do 10 pull ups in a row. Her trainer says that her achievements also included deadlifting around 165 pounds, doing more than 300 pounds on hip thrusts and 100s of pounds on the sled. She also managed to do push-ups when she had approximately 50 pounds of chains on her back.

An Impressed Trainer

Appreciating the work put in by the sister of Lauren Schermerhorn, Walsh said that she surprised him every day and it was an amazing experience for him to watch her body change and adapt. He also adds that she is not a complainer and showed immense commitment to the workouts.

If she did something really tough, she admitted it and then said that she would like to do that again.

Alison Brie licking ice cream
Alison Brie licking ice cream

Mission Accomplished

The biggest achievement of Alison was that she was able to do most of her own stunts on her own. The fitness journey also made her more confident than ever because she felt good about herself.

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