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Andy Murray Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Andy Murray running workout

6 ft. 3 in., lean and muscular Andy Murray is a professional Scottish player. The tennis player is number one tennis player of Britain and has been able to win number six rank in top tennis players of world. The dashing celeb astounding the world with his tennis skills is equipped with superb athletic body. Genetically slender Andy was not always this amazing. However, since he brought radical transformation in his diet and exercises, he could acquire the enviable physique. His carved physique is capable enough to make any girl in the world fall for him. Having barely 6.5 percent fat on his body, his body seems to be composed purely from muscles.

Andy Murray Diet Plan

The spectacular player was not always aware of the nutrition value of foods. He often splurged on foods such as pasta, pizza, chocolate etc. in tremendous amounts. Having gotten the hostile influences of unwholesome foods on body, Andy embarked on healthy diet regime, having perfect mixture of complex carbs, high proteins, and healthy fats.

The handsome player consumes 6000 calories in a day, to cope up with ridiculously intense workouts he practices in routine. Although not everyone can maintain to have lean physique without bulking up, but Andy proficiently creates calorie deficit in his body by scorching every bit of calorie consumed. With his arduous workouts, he makes no room for accumulation of fats in his body.

He inculcates high protein food items such as sushi, peanut butter, yogurt, red meat, green and leafy veggies, chicken etc. in his diet. Andy consumes enormous carb containing foods such as rice, pasta etc., for these food items render him energy to perform workouts. Instead of remaining stick to same kind of food items on daily basis, he keeps varying his food chart on regular basis. However, one thing still remains common and that is nutrient density of the food items. He refrains from unhealthy and energy draining food items such as sugary, junk, fatty, and processed foods.

He eats fifty pieces of sushi after going through his session of tennis. Sushi is an awesome food item favored by most of the athletes for its muscle repairing process is really fast and influential. Besides that, high salt content of sushi also meets the salt needs of his body, for enormous amount of salt is poured out from his body in the process of sweating.

Andy Murray Workout Routine

Andy Murray workout routine

The illustrious player is very regular in his workouts. When he is up for preparing him for international tournaments, he doesn’t even step back from performing workouts for five to six hours in a day. Andy practices his workouts under the guidance of fitness trainer, Jez Green. Jez has him do numerous workouts such as strength training, cardio workouts etc. To build up strength, the celebrated player executes strength training with light weights. He does myriad repetitions with light weight, which adequately serves the purpose of extending the number of lean muscles without bulging.

Among cardio workouts, he executes sprints, squats, boxing, running to add on speed to his strengths. Apart from gym workouts, Andy is also big fan of Bikram yoga. The hot yoga performed in hot and enclosed room makes his body limber and resilient. Bikram yoga performed by him, which lasts for ninety minutes often succeeds his one hour upper body workout session spent in gym.

Apart from doing meticulous workouts, Andy also swears by massage and acupuncture. Massage enhances blood circulation in his body and acupuncture is a Chinese technique of healing wherein needles are injected at specific points located in your body. The pressure created by these needles is effective in purging pain and aches from your body. And since athletes are more likely to get injured while playing, these techniques aid him in getting quick relief.

Andy Murray workout

Healthy Recommendation For Andy Murray Fans

The sporty Andy Murray owns chiseled body which is the outcome of his dexterous workouts and diet. You obviously cannot afford to practice five to six hours of workouts, but you certainly can give your body good reason to acquire slimmer shape by eating sensibly. For ensuring persistence in weight loss, make sure that the foods you consume don’t stay confined to specific food items.

Just as you get bored with same clothes, your body too gets bored with same foods, no matter how healthy they are. When you keep feeding same foods to your body for prolonged time, your metabolism gets affected, as a result of which despite eating healthy food, you fail to shed weight. The best thing you can do is, keep altering your foods with nutrient dense foods. Multiplicity in foods is as critical for weight loss as is diversity in workouts. Apart from that, timing of your meals too puts significant impact on your metabolism. By having high protein meals within half hour past your exercise session, you can truly assist your body in repairing and extending muscles.

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