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Anna Chlumsky Post Baby Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Best known for her role in the My Girl (1991), Anna Chlumsky is once again on the big screen to startle us with her sylph-like figure. The Veep star welcomed her first baby daughter, Penelope Joan in July 2013 and within six months, she turned back in the statuesque figure. No doubt, the blonde beauty strived hard to resume her curvy figure. She attributes exercises mainly for post-baby weight loss. Let’s have a sneak peek into the workouts and diet secrets of Anna Chlumsky.

Continued Workouts During Pregnancy

Anna Chlumsky at Veep TV series season 3 premiere in Hollywood in March 2014
Anna Chlumsky at Veep TV series season 3 premiere in Hollywood in March 2014

The sizzling hot beauty acknowledges workouts and a physically active schedule during pregnancy. She contends, most women take their diet and exercises for granted, deeming that pregnancy renders them the license to do so. However, they have to pay the toll when stubborn fat settles deep inside their bodies. The best means to stop a person fall under such circumstances is to continue doing light workouts during pregnancy.

Not to mention, Anna executed workouts five times a week. Without getting any expert help, she worked out while following pregnancy workout tapes. In addition to that, she also performed yoga once or twice a week. Not only do physical activities save you from bulking up, but they also balance hormones in your body and save you from mood swings, which is one of the prominent problems faced in pregnancy.

No Caffeine

There are numerous eating habits that have become so much near and dear to us that we don’t even mull over weeding them out from our diet. Coffee is one such beverage without which we often don’t wish to start our day. Even the poetry definition of a blissful day certifies the starting of the day with a cup of coffee. However, coffee being opulent in caffeine triggers several inflammatory reactions, bloating, etc. That being said, one coffee in a day is not dreadful, the problem shows up when we are addicted to them.

Since coffee has brain-stimulant properties, you are likely to drink it more than once to calm your mind. And you do feel a quick boost in energy after its consumption but as soon as its impact vanishes, you become prone to suffer from stress, nausea, anxiety, poor temper, stomach upsets, etc. Caffeine not being absorbed reaches directly to our nervous system and without being mixed into your blood exits through urine after a couple of hours. Its attack center being our brain makes it even more risky brew. Anna swept out the beverage from her diet and felt more energized and active with its elimination.

Easy Post Baby Workouts

We have come up with some easy post-baby workouts which will aid you in dropping surplus pounds.

Abdominal Contraction – This is the easiest and most influential workout meant to tighten your abs and belly muscles. The best part of the workout is you can execute the workout from the very next day past the birth of your baby.

Sit comfortably while keeping your back straight. Now inhale deeply and feel the contraction in your muscles. While inhaling, squeeze in your stomach as much as you can. Inhale unless your diaphragm is stocked with air. Now, without being in hurry, relax and exhale slowly. Enhance the number of reps according to your comfort level.

Zig-zag Walking – If normal walking sounds too simple to you, switch to zig-zag walking. However, make sure that the place you pick to do that is immune from mess or the movements of people. You can opt to do it in your backyard, park, or any other area having smooth ground. Apart from zapping away bountiful calories, zig-zag walking also contracts and thus conditions your muscles.

Backward Walking – In addition to zig-zag walking, you can also opt to abide by backward walking. The walking pattern being very influential burns calories faster than brisk walking does. However, make sure that the area you pick is totally free from furniture or any electrical equipment. Since you are moving in the direction opposite to your eyes, be wary of your backward movements.

Head Lift – Lie straight on your back. Bend your legs from your knees while your feet lying flat on the ground. Take a deep breath and raise your neck and head from the ground. Make a minimum of 10 reps of head lift in a day. Besides toning your tummy muscles (or abs), the workout will strengthen your back and will melt away numerous pounds.

Shoulder Lift – Once you develop ease with head-lifts, you can proceed with shoulder lift. The workout being an advanced stage of head-lift will have you raise your head, neck, and shoulders. After lifting your upper body, try to touch your knees with your hands. However, if you find the workout hard, you can curl your hands and take them behind your head. While lifting, make sure that the strain doesn’t fall upon your neck. Inhale once you are back to the normal position.

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