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Anna Kendrick Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Hot and sexy Hollywood actress, Anna Kendrick is an incredibly talented actress with curvy body. Having appeared in numerous iconic movies such as The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Rocket Science, and others, Kendrick started her career from very young age of ten.

Multi-tasking star is not only an established actress but is also a very euphonious singer. The charming star indeed is credited with divine beauty and talent. Kendrick is not a fitness freak. She just enjoys living life the way it comes.

Unlike other actresses and models who are prepared to try anything and everything to come in shape, Kendrick doesn’t ponder much about her weight. Probably, these carefree and stress-free traits, un-intentionally practiced by Kendrick are the ones, which keep her in enviable and toned shape.

Anna Kendrick workout and diet

Anna Kendrick Diet Plan

Kendrick admits the fact that she had been a sufferer of an eating disorder in her early twenties, and she had to work really hard to overcome the disorder. The star is naturally slim and is not very specific about her foods. She, in fact, is a big foodie and relishes eating her favorite foods.

However, when it comes to melting pounds from her body, she gets cautious towards her foods and consumes foods recommended by her nutritionist. The sizzling star is still working on bringing moderation in the foods consumed by her.

Anna Kendrick Workout Routine

Though Kendrick is not passionate about workouts, but she, at the same time, is not resistant to them. She practices diverse kinds of workouts in the gym, and cardio workout practiced on Elliptical is one of them.

The gorgeous actress is also in love with yoga and practices it to tranquil her body and mind. She spends a long time on yoga and feels revitalized and refreshed after performing various postures of yoga. In addition to traditional yoga, Bikram yoga is also one of her favorites.

While preparing for her roles in movies, she works really hard to do justice to her roles and looks. Since actresses are supposed to shed pounds in a very short span of time, they have to resort to quick and effective ways of workouts.

Kendrick endeavors to make her body resilient and lean by doing stunt training, martial training, and weight lifting for five days in a week. In addition to that, she also dances persistently, when she has to shed pounds swiftly.

Healthy Recommendation for Anna Kendrick Fans

If you are one of the fans of Anna Kendrick and are seeking to know the secret formula of Kendrick’s wonderful confidence and fascinating looks, you should try abiding by the posture techniques followed by her. Being very short in height i.e. 5 ft 2 in, Kendrick pays special attention to her posture and attire.

Since height plays a significant role in overall personality, Kendrick performs few posture exercises. These exercises make her look taller and poised. Yoga has several techniques which can improve your posture. Right posture not only enhances your height, it also keeps you immune from spinal and back problems.

Correct Posture – Always keep your back straight, chin up, and shoulders erect. Besides influencing your appearance, right posture will also keep you energized. When you sit or stand with bent shoulders, psychological changes take place in your body, which makes you feel slothful. So, introduce correct sitting and standing postures in your day-to-day life.

You can practice one simple trick to improve your posture. Walk while putting the book on your head. As adequate stamina and balance are vitally required to balance the book lying on your head, you automatically will walk with poise and elegance.

Workout Methods – Workouts can dramatically enhance your posture. Here are two simple workouts which you can practice at home.

Lie down straight on the floor on your stomach and keep your hands straight, touching the sides of your thighs. Now lift your legs as much as you can. Repeat this exercise ten times while giving thirty seconds to each rep.

There is yet another simple but effective exercise. Stand erect against wall or door. Your head and hips should touch the wall. You can practice this exercise anytime of the day. Doing so will subconsciously program your brain to stand upright.

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