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Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Secrets and Fitness Advice

If you have not been living in a cave for the last few decades, you probably know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is. He is an iconic actor, filmmaker, politician, activist, businessman, author, and former world-famous powerlifter and professional bodybuilder. His physique and strong body are such an inspiration that many people associate the term fitness with his name. If you are among his millions of fans, then you should be delighted. Here, we have mentioned Arnold Schwarzenegger’s workout secrets and fitness advice that will inspire you to start eating clean from today or do an hour of weight lifting!

Arnold Schwarzenegger posing in front of a poster having his and Will Smith's picture in August 2018
Arnold Schwarzenegger posing in front of a poster having his and Will Smith‘s picture in August 2018 (Arnold Schwarzenegger / Instagram)

Workout Secrets

The workout routine of the star includes spending a lot of time on a bicycle. He is so fond of this exercise method that he is eager to bicycle all across the globe. Bicycling helps him to see the surroundings in a better way and exercise the legs better.

With time, the workout routine of the fitness expert has also changed. He no longer does a few exercises like squats, heavy leg exercises, dumbbell lateral raises, etc., because he has had multiple surgeries like knee surgery, hip surgery, and shoulder surgery. But, these surgeries can’t bring down his dedication to fitness because he has found several exercises that can be done around injuries. He is grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many machines and equipment now that were not available a few years ago. They have made his life better. For instance, though he can’t do dumbbell lateral raises anymore, there is a machine that does it for him and ensures that he feels no pain.


Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a bike
Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a bike (Arnold Schwarzenegger / Instagram)

Previous Exercises

As a weightlifting champion, one of the exercises that he used to do regularly was deadlifts. He also spent a lot of time doing the bench press, free weight exercises, and incline press. All these exercises made his entire body work completely and helped him in attaining a ripped physique.

Free Weights Before Equipment

Arnold believes that free weights are an essential part of any workout routine as they ensure that different parts of your body like your thighs, calves, hips, deltoid, and lower back work simultaneously. After you have reached a specific level of fitness, you can then include some machines in your workout routine. In his opinion, a well-equipped gym must have both, free weights and machines, so that a person can get a complete workout in one go.

Arms Exercise

Most of his fans want to know how Arnold Schwarzenegger gets those strong arms. If you are one of them, then you should know that his secret is dumbbell curls, which he does by turning the wrist while ensuring that the palms remain towards the torso.

Training His Sons

Schwarzenegger doesn’t train his sons but he has revealed that Patrick works out every day. His aim is not to get too big because he is offered more romantic roles these days than the action ones. The former Mr. Olympia likes to watch his sons train and it feels great.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Left) during Gabriel Luna's training session in August 2018
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Left) during Gabriel Luna’s training session in August 2018 (Arnold Schwarzenegger / Instagram)

Exercising is a Priority

Arnold’s fans know that he had an open-heart surgery in March 2018 but even that couldn’t stop him from doing the exercises he loves the most. He got back to workouts as soon as possible and started the sessions with a curl machine session. He followed it with a double session and stressed the fact that reps were his secret.

As usual, the actor is right because when you come back to the weight room after a while, you should build muscular endurance and acclimatize the neuromuscular connections. It is smart not to go straight to high weight and low rep work as it might harm your overall health and well-being.

Featured Image by Arnold Schwarzenegger / Instagram

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