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Ashley Benson Workout Routine

Actress, model and dancer Ashley Benson is in a good shape in TV series Pretty Little Liars. She has been seriously focusing her fitness regimen. You may want to know the secrets of her workout routine. She performs the role as Hanna Marin in the popular American teen drama mystery-thriller television series, Pretty Little Liars.

Ashley Benson Workout Routine

Benson is a gym girl. Other than going to gym, she enjoys doing Pilates, kickboxing, and bar method. Her flexibility and endurance is the result of her strenuous regular workout. Include Pilates to your daily exercise schedule. It will help to gain muscles strength, improves core and your overall body performance would improve.


It is also great for weight loss. You can expect to burn 175 calories after doing a 50 minute beginner Pilates workout. This calories value can be increased to upto 375, if you switch to advanced workout. If you really want to lose some body weight, be ready to do a 45 to 60 minute advanced Pilates workout for atleast 4 days a week and see the results.

Your back, hip and hamstrings flexibility can see some improvement by these kind of exercises. But, do note that Pilates won’t increase or lengthen your muscles. It will only make your back muscles strong, improve your posture, lean your body; giving an impression of taller body.

It can be a effective tool to tighten your obliques muscles (found at the side of waist) – upto 310 percent. So, if you want to achieve a leaner and toned body, you are on the right way. Eccentric contraction is important to achieve strong muscles.

Ashley Benson Workout Routine


Expect to lose somewhere around 500 to 800 calories, an hour, by doing kickboxing. It targets your arms, shoulders, hips, thighs, abs in only one workout. It has proved to be great stress releasing tool.

Kickboxing Workout

  • Jab – It is a straight punch. Your arm is straight and parallel to the floor and fully extended. That means, if your left foot is forward then your left arm should be extended.
  • Cross – It is the opposite of jabbing. If your right arm is extended, then your left foot would be at the rear end.
  • Hook – Here, you are doing punches in a circular motion with your lead hand. In case of hook, you are targeting cheeks and ears of the opponent.
  • Uppercut – Uppercut is the upward thrust from the fist pointing towards the ceiling as if you are targeting the chin of the enemy.
  • Front Kick – It is just like jabbing but the only difference is you are now doing it with your leg. Any leg’s heel can be used to do this exercise as if you are targeting the chest, knee of the opposite person.
  • Roundhouse Kick – Just like hook, here you are using your leg in a circular motion, or you can say circular kick.
  • Side Kick – The strongest kick (as compared to the above moves) as you are using your glutes (hip muscles).

Try this workout for 10 minutes. For instance combine jab, cross, hook and do it for 2 minutes with one arm, followed by right arm for another 2 minutes. Combine other moves in this workout and increase the speed of execution as you becomes more familiar with these moves. Make it more challenging by increasing the height of kicks and punches.

Your stress level will definitely see some drop, if you do it well and regularly.

Ashley is so full of energy that it is not difficult for her to make these exercises a part of her daily workout. She can perform it well and the result is in front of us.

Bar Method

As stated, she does bar method to make her workout interesting and free from boredom. What exactly is bar method? It is a dance class that combines ballet moves with core conditioning, yoga, Pilates, and weight training that lasts for one hour. In this method, 10 minutes are reserved for upper body exercises, 15 minutes for thighs, another 15 minutes for your core and finally 15 minutes for feet.

It is said that you can better shape your muscles, achieve longer and leaner muscles through this bar workout. You can join the classes in the nearby area or other option is to buy DVDs for bar workout videos. 400 calories can be lost by 1 hour long sessions by a 125 pound woman, who is in average shape.

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