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Aztec Diet – Get Healthy Slim Body

Aztec Diet and Chia Seeds

Developed by Dr. Bob Arnot, physician, endurance athlete and fitness enthusiastic, Aztec Diet is one of the healthiest diet plans relying on highly nutritious food items. Aztec diet is an effort made by Dr. Bob to inculcate healthy eating habit in you by swapping modern eating habits with eating habits which were prevalent in Aztec culture.

Healthy and exclusive food items of Aztec culture have capability of changing your lives. Chia seeds are one of the most important ingredients of Aztec diet and the diet program has introduced them in the mainstream of diet regime.

Incredible Qualities of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have been given so much importance in the diet program, due to their mind blowing qualities. No one can oppose the nutritional properties of chia seeds. As compared to other foods, chia seeds have far more high content of various nutrients.

For example, milk provides you calcium, but calcium content of chia seeds is six times higher than that of milk. Spinach enriches your body with iron, but iron content of chia seeds is three times higher than that of spinach. And farmed salmon provides you omega-3 fatty acids, but omega-3 fatty acids content of chia seeds is eight times more than that of farmed salmon.

Besides being nutrient dense, chia seeds are also capable of keeping you contended for longer duration and also keep check on your cravings. Consumption of chia seeds speed up your metabolism, maintain your blood sugar level, and save you from several inflammatory reactions.

How Does Chia Seed controls Your Appetite?

Chia seeds which are also known as appetite suppressant work in an amazing way on your body. Consumption of chia seeds slow down the speed with which nutrients get absorbed in your body. Slow absorption of nutrients means there would be no spike in your blood sugar level.

In addition to that, chia seeds come under high fiber foods. Soluble fiber content of food swells seven times more than other foods in your body, due to which you don’t experience appetite for a very long time. Lack of appetite means your tendency of consuming mindless foods is going down.

What is Aztec Diet?

Aztec diet fits the criteria of being used as lifestyle diet plan. The diet schedule includes food items rich in proteins and low in carbs. The diet program heavily relies on highly nutritious food items such as fish, turkey, beans, fruits, amaranth, vegetables, corns, quinoa etc.

How to Consume Chia Seeds?

You can make Aztec diet program even more effective by consuming chia seeds in a proper way. You can mix chia seeds in various dishes and get health along with taste. There are wide varieties of options through which you can include chia seeds in your meals.

You can prepare the stuffing of burger and pizza by using chia seeds, or you can eat them in sprouted form, and should you don’t want to take pain of preparing meals with them, you can consume them in raw form also. In addition to that, you can also spread chia seeds over mixed salad, rice, yogurt etc.

Three Phases of Aztec Diet 

There are three phases in Aztec diet, let’s have a look at these three phases.

Phase One – The Chia Challenge

Having total duration of two weeks, this phase will cleanse your body without even depriving it from essential nutrients. If you are seeking to shed more than twenty pounds, you can stick to this phase for longer duration.

This phase is the most influential phase of the diet program. In this phase, you need to consume chia smoothies three times in a day and consume healthy snacks in afternoon and evening. Unlike other detoxification phases, you won’t face troubles such as dizziness, headache etc. in this phase. Dr. Arnot has given special attention to this phase, and has figured out strategies which will maintain vitality of dieters in this phase.

Phase Two – Accelerate With Lunch

Having total duration of six weeks, phase two will make you habitual of consuming healthy food items and following a healthy lifestyle. In this phase, you will swap your afternoon smoothie with balanced and healthy lunch. Instead of drinking chia smoothies three times in a day, you need to drink it twice in a day.

Timing of drinking smoothies is especially significant. Consuming smoothies in evening will keep control on your consumption of foods in dinner. You won’t feel tempted to consume more in your dinner due to feeling of fullness.

Should you successfully want to melt pounds and maintain your weight forever, you need to ensure that you don’t consume heavy dinner. Heavy dinner unpleasantly affects your metabolism and disturbed metabolism means giving invitation to several other problems.

Phase Three – Real Life Aztec Style

Phase three which is also weight maintenance phase of diet program will last for two weeks. You are supposed to consume Aztec meals in this phase. Delicious recipes of the diet solution will simply fascinate you towards the diet program. The diet program has made sure that you get all the vital nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acid is natural fat requirement of your body which saves you from inflammation and other reactions.

Workouts in Aztec Diet

Dr. Arnot contends, for doing workouts your body should have sufficient calories for burning and Aztec diet program which actually is highly nutritious diet plan will provide you required energy for practicing workouts.

You will find diet and exercise schedule in the program in perfect alignment with each other. Workouts will tone your muscles and diet will do the recovery of torn muscles. Instead of jumping to heavy workouts all of a sudden, dieters are recommended to proceed slowly with workouts. Interval training, strength training and cardio workouts are some of the most advocated exercises of diet solution.

Benefits of Aztec Diet

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Aztec diet program.

  • The diet program will ensure proper health of your cardiovascular system, brain and digestive system.
  • You will feel full of beans while going along with the diet program.
  • There are more than hundred recipes and abundant meal plans. They will provide you directions and will remove the headache of designing meal plan of the day.
  • Instead of focusing on shaving pounds from your body, the main objective of the diet program is to nourish your body and make it strong and healthy.

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