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Bachelorette Star Peter Kraus Loves Fitness, Here’s Why

Peter Kraus 2017 Fitness Secrets

Peter Kraus is one of the few American TV celebrities who’s got love and attention from scores of Americans. He gained fame when he landed in the top three of The Bachelorette’s (2003-Present) Rachel Lindsay season. He is a businessman, a former model and a fitness trainer who loves being fit and helping others to stay fit.

Here you can know about his very real struggle with an eating disorder, learn why he is a fitness fanatic and understand why helping other people improve their lives pleases him the most.

Seeing the World

The handsome hunk recently took the help of social media to admit that he loved his modeling career because it helped him to see different parts of the world, meet scores of people, make lifelong friends, call three nations his home, and create unforgettable memories. But what he likes the best is that his 9-year career introduced him to fitness.

Encounter with an Eating Disorder

Peter also shared in the same post that he struggled with an eating disorder since the age of 20. The disorder hit him because he was thoughtlessly trying to keep up with the fitness levels of his competitors and other models. For about two years, he tried to deal with the disorder by keeping mum about it, but in 2007, he decided to take charge of his fitness and learned how to do things in the right manner as he realized that he had hit a low point in his life.

Coping Mechanism

The fitness expert says that he decided to go for the dietetics program at the Milwaukee Area Technical College and this decision seems to be successful as he graduated with honors and completed his first ever Ironman triathlon two years after that.

As he had sunk to the lowest point in his life in 2007, he says that he is thankful for that phase as well because it motivated him to be cautious about health and fitness. He also advises his fans that when you are feeling low, it’s time to start getting up and make the right changes.

Getting Appreciated

Alex Bordyukov, who was Kraus’s Bachelorette costar appreciated his friend’s honest confession and even urged him to join modeling again.

Young Fitness Enthusiast

Peter was always inclined towards fitness. When he was at high school, he was involved in all sorts of sports and physically taxing activities such as soccer, baseball, football, and basketball.

Maybe, it was his experience of being fit that made him realize that any disorder can be fought if you are staying active and eating right.

A Worthy Profession

The entrepreneur says that being a certified professional trainer is something he appreciates as it allows him to help people who need his guidance. Though he helps different sets of people with different age, abilities, and fitness levels to stay fit, his passion lies in helping people who are dealing with rehab or weight loss issues.

His zeal to help people has won him many accolades and appreciation. He appeared on The Biggest Loser in the year 2010, and he was also voted Fitness Manager of the Year in 2011.

Helping Others Stay Fit

The TV personality says that he fell in love with fitness at the very moment he started with it. The ability to assist people who now have the same fears and doubts that he has dealt with in the past has helped him to change lives positively. Whenever he succeeds in changing someone’s life for good, he feels a sense of pride that is quite rare. When he sees a client getting the success he or she aimed for, the trainer feels great joy.

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