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Bachelorette Star Peter Kraus Loves Fitness, Here’s Why

Peter Kraus Reveals Fitness Facts We All Should Know

There is no doubting the fact that Peter Kraus is a very fit person who has attained high levels of fitness by learning about the industry and adopting the best practices. If you are also impressed by his fit body and healthy lifestyle, then you should learn about some fitness facts shared by the handsome hunk which are mentioned right below.

Peter Kraus showing his abs in a mirror selfie in May 2018
Peter Kraus showing his abs in a mirror selfie in May 2018 (Peter Kraus / Instagram)

Breakfast Option

Kraus admits that he eats a lot of calories. His breakfast options usually include 6 to 8 eggs, 3 pieces of toast, a weight gain shake, and a banana.

Wine is Not That Bad

Some people think that any amount of wine is bad for health. However, Peter says that everything in moderation is okay and follows this rule himself. He has no hesitation in admitting that he has a couple of glasses of wine every now and then to enjoy himself. He also enjoys Nabisco and Oreo cookies occasionally and terms this liking as a slight addiction.

Breakfast is Essential

The trainer says that though intermittent fasting is good at times, he believes in eating a breakfast every day. This helps him to have the energy for the rest of the day.

Peter Kraus in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in October 2018
Peter Kraus in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in October 2018 (Peter Kraus / Instagram)

Avoid Simple Sugars

Every carbohydrate is sugar so it’s impossible to avoid sugar but you should avoid white sugars or juice, especially if you don’t have a very active lifestyle because your body will turn the sugar into fat. You should find out about the sort of carbohydrates your body can absorb and then include them in your diet. As every person has a different lifestyle and exercise habits, no general rule can be applied to everyone.

Beer Belly is Real

Alcohol is bad for your health because not only does it lead to a lot of health issues, but it also quickly turns into fat and your body can’t use it as energy. Beer belly is real because drinking beer leads to water retention and bloating. Though water retention is not truly added weight, it can make you look like you have a belly.

Diet Meets Workout

You should complement your diet and workout routine according to each other. If you work out more, you should eat more to help your body recover. In contrast, if you can’t burn off extra calories, you will do best to avoid them.

Peter Kraus as seen during a workout
Peter Kraus as seen during a workout (Peter Kraus / Instagram)

Weight Training is Superior to Workouts

Cardio is good for your long-term health and heart health. It can also help you add a few more years to your life. But, weight training is undoubtedly more important because your bones deteriorate throughout your life. So, weight training will not only strengthen your bones, but it will also lead to the accelerated fat burning process.

Featured Image by Peter Karus / Instagram

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