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Bernstein Diet – Healthy Solution to Get Rid of Diabetes

Dr. Bernstein Diet Plan

Developed by Dr. Stanley Bernstein, Canadian doctor, Bernstein Diet program is totally scientifically proven and reliable diet plan. Bernstein has figured out the way to treat diabetes through exclusively chosen food items. Besides providing you relief from diabetes, the plan will also shed five to six pounds of weight from your body on weekly basis. Bernstein diet program has proven results. It has benefited several diabetic patients of different age groups and health conditions.

What is Bernstein Diet?

Bernstein diet plan is comprised of numerous low calorie and low carb foods, healthy fats and lean proteins. Along-with them, equal emphasis has been given on consumption of vitamins and minerals supplements. You will also learn what kind of food items you shall consume to keep check on diabetes.

Based on your body statistics, age group and gender, your calorie consumption will vary from 800 to 1350 calories in a day. Fifty percent of calorie requirement of your body shall be fulfilled through low carb foods and rest of calories shall be contributed by other foods. Best part of diet program is that there is wide array of meal plans and recipes available in the diet program. You can introduce these recipes in your diet regime and can secure healthier and happier body for you.

Three Phases of Bernstein Diet

Bernstein diet program is composed of three phases; let’s have a look at these three phases.

Phase One – Weight Loss Phase

Phase one which is the most restrictive phase of program aims to melt away extra pounds from your body. You will shed around ten pounds of weight in a month in this phase.

Phase Two – Maintenance Phase

Phase two which is also known as maintenance phase will teach you what foods you should incorporate in your diet so you can maintain your lost weight forever.

Phase Three – Tune-up Phase

This phase is mainly targeted to keep your diabetes in control. Small weight loss shall also be apparent in this phase.

Workouts in Bernstein Diet

Bernstein diet program is healthy plan which aims to inculcate healthy eating habits in dieters. As far as workouts are concerned, choice is left on dieters only. The program doesn’t compel its dieters to practice workouts on daily basis.

Bernstein rather believes foods introduced in the plan are themselves sufficient to meet the metabolic needs of dieters. Food supplements of vitamin B and others will boost the metabolism of dieters which will further help them in maintaining hale and strong body.

Recommended Foods of Bernstein Diet

Bernstein diet program puts great emphasis on the consumption of fresh and organic foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Proteins – Bernstein points up consumption of lean proteins. Chicken breast, chicken livers, tuna, veal cutlet, small steak, tuna, shrimp etc. are some of healthy sources of proteins.

Fruits and Vegetables – In the category of fruits and vegetables, only foods having low glycemic index are permitted in the program. Dieters can eat cabbage, lettuce, apples, bean sprouts, mushrooms, tomatoes, oranges, lemons etc. in fruits and vegetables.

Spices and Seasonings – You are allowed to inculcate spices and seasonings such as caraway seeds, dried herbs, bay leaves, soy sauce etc. in spices and seasonings.

Beverages – You can consume healthy beverages such as green smoothies, Jello light, decaffeinated coffee, liquid sweetener, green tea, herbal tea etc. without adding sugar in them.

Bread Substitutes – You can consume bread substitutes such as triscuits, Melba toast etc. as possible substitutes of bread.

Prohibited Foods of Bernstein Diet

Bernstein has made list of foods encouraging diabetes in your body; let’s have a look at some of prohibited food items of Bernstein diet program.

Grains – Different kinds of grains such as rye, rice, barley, wheat, corn, quinoa etc. have been banished from the diet schedule. In addition to them refined and grain based products such as pasta, crackers, bread, cereals, oatmeal, cereals, waffles, pancakes etc. have also been eliminated from the plan.

Dairy Products – Bernstein diet program strongly discourages the consumption of dairy based products such as sweetened yogurt, cottage cheese, powdered milk substitutes, low fat yogurt, condensed or evaporated milk, powdered milk etc.

Fruits – Since almost all fruits are sweet in nature, the plan has swept away most of sugary fruits from the diet schedule.

High Glycemic Index Vegetables

Vegetables having high glycemic index such as water squash, parsnips, beets, carrots, yellow bell peppers, legumes, raw tomatoes, packaged sugary vegetables, tomato sauce, tomato paste etc. have high glycemic index. These vegetables tend to enhance blood sugar level, thus dieters are recommended to renounce their consumption.

Mixed Foods

Other than these various categories of foods, Bernstein has also mopped up foods from other categories. For example, nuts and seeds, snack foods, processed, prepared foods, balsamic vinegar, various condiments etc. have also been banished from the plan.

Ways to Follow Bernstein Diet Plan

If you seek to follow Bernstein diet plan to bring down your level of diabetes, you can go ahead with the program while keeping following things in mind.

  • First of all, stay informed and gather as much information about diabetes as is possible for you. You can get plenty of knowledge by surfing different websites on internet.
  • Blood glucose testing is vital even when you are not suffering from diabetes. It keeps you secure and doesn’t let you become victim of diabetes.
  • Dieters are recommended to swear by 6:12:12 principle which says you can include six grams of carbs in your breakfast, twelve grams of it in lunch and twelve grams in dinner.
  • Follow disciplined and organized food regime and plan your meals at least one week before. Doing so will make the diet program hassle free for you.

Drawbacks of Bernstein Diet

Bernstein diet program has turned out to be one of the most effective diet programs meant to deal with diabetes, but the diet schedule is left with few drawbacks. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Due to extra emphasis given on extremely low calorie consumption, it’s not possible to make the program lifestyle diet plan.
  • Exercises have their own roles to play. No matter how meticulously designed the food schedule is, it is doomed to fail unless it takes exercises into serious consideration.
  • Like all other restrictive diet plans, the plan leaves no other option in front of dieters but to revert to their old eating habits.

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