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Bob Harper Workout, Diet and Weight Loss

How a Heart Attack Changed Bob Harper’s Approach on Workout, Diet and Weight Loss

When you go through a life-altering event, your entire perspective on life can change. This is exactly what happened with personal trainer Bob Harper who collapsed in a gym some months back only to wake up in a hospital and told by the doctors that he had a massive heart attack. This incident not only changed his perspective on life but on workout, diet, weight loss and hunger as well. Read on to know how he has transformed his life for better.

Bob Harper in an Instagram selfie in January 2018
Bob Harper in an Instagram selfie in January 2018 (Bob Harper / Instagram)

The Earlier Approach

The Biggest Loser (2004-Present) star earlier thought that the keys to fitness were exercise, sleep, and stress management. But things changed dramatically when even after having a healthy body and mind, he suffered a massive heart attack.

Current Approach

Now he thinks that stress management is the key to a healthy body and mind. He also thinks that stress management is the foundation on which diet, exercise, and sleep rest upon. When you are stress-free, only then you will have a healthy body and mind.

Stress and Lifestyle Choices

Talking about how stress influences your lifestyle, the TV personality said that when you have managed your stress, you will make better food choices. You will also prioritize a workout because you would want to take care of yourself and your sleep would also be better. All this will lead to a healthier and happier life.

In case you are unable to control your stress levels, you will eat whatever you want, you’ll probably not exercise as much, and you will wake in the middle of the night.

Bob Harper in an Instagram selfie in December 2017
Bob Harper in an Instagram selfie in December 2017 (Bob Harper / Instagram)

Bob Harper Workouts

The fitness expert has also transformed his workouts now. Though he had been a huge fan of high-intensity CrossFit for a long time, he doesn’t do it now with the same intensity. He is now focused on aerobic activity and thinks people often underestimate its benefits.

In his opinion, we are all focused on getting results from a workout by pushing ourselves too hard, but maybe we don’t need that much intensity, maybe we can get good results from less painful exercise sessions like aerobic mid-level longer time domain as he does. It would also help in building strength in your heart so that you don’t suffer from the heart attack ordeal as he did.

Olympic Lifting

Bob is also a fan of Olympic lifting as he has been doing it for a long time now. This exercise method targets the large muscle groups and is done in short bursts. Now, he has also replaced the heavyweights that he was so hooked on earlier.

Bob Harper having a drink in this image posted in February 2018
Bob Harper having a drink in this image posted in February 2018 (Bob Harper / Instagram)

Advice for Cardio Haters

Many people hate cardio and think that it doesn’t bring the desired results. If you are also among them, then you should try finding the right cardio exercises that do bring in the results. Something like boxing is a smart idea because it’s not boring and still makes you work hard.

Be Hungry for Weight Loss

Though most of the fitness experts believe that you should never remain hungry for long, the fitness guru says that if you want to lose weight, you should learn not to eat whenever you are hungry. Instead, you should eat only when you are really hungry. The difference between the two is your approach to feeling hungry. Most people confuse boredom with hunger and end up eating more than their body needs.

To avoid this problem, you should try the following trick. When you think you are hungry, instead of grabbing the food near you, you should have a glass of water and take a walk around your block. If you still feel hungry, do eat but if you don’t, your hunger was not there.

The author also thinks that being a little hungry is a side effect of trying to lose weight. If you are trying to lose weight, you should be mentally prepared to be a little hungry until those urges go away.

Bob Harper during a photoshoot
Bob Harper during a photoshoot (Samuel A. Harwit (Watch It Now Entertainment) / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Three Big Meals and That’s It

Harper also thinks that redesigning your meal plan might help. In his new book, The Super Carb Diet, he says that you can have three quality big meals a day and a floater meal but you can’t have any snacks. With this approach, you will feel happier and satiated.

If you have the habit of eating multiple times a day, you will adjust quite soon, and you will feel used to it. Just remember not to give up easily and stick to the new diet plan for a couple of weeks. If you succeed in combating your hunger during that phase, you will realize that eating this new way is the new normal for you.

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