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Caleb Finn Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Caleb Finn Quick Info
Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 66 kg
Date of Birth  9, 1994
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Eye Color Blue

Caleb Finn is an Australian social media star, best known for his TikTok account under the handle “caleb.finn” which has amassed an audience of more than 20 million fans and more than 1 billion hearts. Caleb began posting videos to his account in late 2018 and had managed to hit a milestone of 1 million fans on TikTok within a period of only 6 months. He gained prominence not only for his lip-syncing videos, comedy skits, and duets with fellow TikTok Stars but was also considered a “transition king”. It was a special way of making a smooth transition between seemingly unconnected parts of a video, most commonly by dropping a camera which seemed to keep recording while falling through the floor.

A large part of his fanbase also considers him an “E-boy” or a “soft boi”. These are the men with a boyish appearance, a long emo hairstyle, who wear beanies and sneaker shoes, paint their nails, and aren’t afraid to discuss their feelings. In July 2019, he had also created his YouTube channel under the same name, which has garnered a fanbase of more than 600,000 subscribers and he has also amassed a fanbase of more than 1 million followers on Instagram.

Nick Name

Caleb Finn

Caleb Finn in an Instagram post as seen in July 2019
Caleb Finn in an Instagram post as seen in July 2019 (Caleb Finn / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia





He has 2 diplomas, in teaching and social services, the latter of which he hates.

Caleb attended Deakin University in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and was on his 2nd year of studies for a Bachelor of Psychology degree in 2019.


Social Media Star


  • Siblings – Lillie (Sister)


Caleb Finn is represented by Born Bred Talent (Talent Agent) Worldwide.




5 ft 8 in or 173 cm


66 kg or 145.5 lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

Caleb has dated –

  1. Soup – He has been in a relationship with TikTok star Soup who goes by the handle ‘xlilsoup’ on TikTok. In February 2022, the couple welcomed their first child together, a son.
Caleb Finn with his sister as seen in July 2019
Caleb Finn with his sister as seen in July 2019 (Caleb Finn / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


He is of Australian descent.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

He has also dyed his hair with ‘Blonde’ highlights in the past.

Eye Color


Distinctive Features

  • Emo haircut
  • Multiple tattoos
  • Piercing on his bottom lip

Brand Endorsements

Using his strong social media fanbase, he has advertised for many products including BabyLove Nappies, Vogue Dental Studios, and others.

Caleb Finn in an Instagram post in June 2019
Caleb Finn in an Instagram post in June 2019 (Caleb Finn / Instagram)

Best Known For

His social media fanbase with more than 20 million fans on TikTok, more than 1 million followers on Instagram, and more than 600,000 subscribers on YouTube

Caleb Finn’s Favorite Things

  • Music Genre – 1940s Hits, Electro Swing, Funk, Future Funk, Mallsoft
  • Video Game – Legend of Zelda


Caleb Finn as seen in July 2019
Caleb Finn as seen in July 2019 (Caleb Finn / Instagram)

Caleb Finn Facts

  1. He got his 1st tattoo when he was 19 years old, and couldn’t stop getting new ones ever since. He got his 1st tattoo on his chest to see how bad it would hurt and had no problems enduring the pain. Caleb later added that at the time, no one told him that the chest is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo on.
  2. He was bad at making video transitions on TikTok in the beginning and later deleted most of his early videos. However, when he took the habit of practicing for at least 20 minutes a day, Caleb became known as the “transition king”.
  3. Early on in his TikTok career, Caleb was hurt by the negative comments left on one of his videos and just started crying. However, as time went on, he learned to endure that type of backlash and criticism.
  4. He naturally has curly hair and has a whole hair routine just to straighten it into an emo haircut that he’s recognized for.
  5. Caleb designed the half-sleeve tattoo on his left arm by himself using Photoshop. The half-clock was inspired by the anime Steins; Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu (2013).
  6. He also designed the tattoo on his left shoulder. It is inspired by the video game Nier: Automata. However, when he brought the design to the tattoo artist, he/she decided to change the design to fit their own style and butchered the character’s face.
  7. He also has a matching tattoo of a sad smiley with his sister located on his forearm.
  8. Caleb used to be a primary school teacher when he was 18 years old. He always acted more like kids’ older brother rather than their teacher.
  9. The tattoo of a boy on his left shoulder blade is very personal to him. Besides primary school, he also taught at kindergarten. Around 2014, on the 1st day of working in that kindergarten, he met a boy who he felt was awesome and they bonded. In 2018, while Caleb was watching the news at his friend’s house, he saw the boy’s face on the news because he passed away. After he reached out to the boy’s dad and had dinner with him, Caleb decided to get a picture of a boy with a blindfold tattooed in memory of him.
  10. He got his braces in early 2019 and was asked to wear them for about 2 years.
  11. Caleb was inspired to become what’s called a “skunk boi” by a fellow TikTok star, Babiecon.
  12. One of the most asked questions is about his lip piercing, and whether it hurt. Caleb only felt a sting for a few seconds, and the swelling afterward was the most annoying part.
  13. He has had romantic fanfiction written about him by his fanbase using the writing platform Wattpad. He read and reacted to it in August 2019.
  14. Caleb has made his Spotify account under the name “caleb_robertson94” but has said in a video that Caleb Finn is also not his real name. He said he won’t reveal it because he gets enough stalkers already.
  15. He freaks out when he meets a massive crowd of his fans.
  16. Most of the money he earns goes to improving upon his Legend of Zelda collection of merchandise.
  17. Caleb actually gets his face lasered to remove facial hair because he hates the feeling of it. He doesn’t care that it makes him look like a 16-year-old in the eyes of other people.
  18. The celebrities he is compared to the most when it comes to looks are Ryan “Van” McCann, Cole Sprouse, RaccoonEggs, and Lil Xan.

Featured Image by Caleb Finn / Instagram

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