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Casey Batchelor Fitness Secrets

Casey Batchelor is among those celebrities who like to be real and open up about the struggles they face. She recently opened up about how overindulging during pregnancy made her gain weight, how people were so negative about the weight gain, and how she attained post-pregnancy weight loss. If you want to know how she lost 4 stone and became confident enough to don a bikini just 7 months after giving birth to her little princess, just keep scrolling.

Casey Batchelor as seen in January 2019
Casey Batchelor as seen in January 2019 (Casey Batchelor / Instagram)

Casey Batchelor Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Secrets

No Shame in Weight Gain

The stunner has admitted that she never felt ashamed of the fact that she had gained pregnancy weight because she knew that her body had done an amazing thing i.e. given birth to a new life.

The Realization

When pregnant, she indulged a lot and let go of almost all the diet rules. She enjoyed overindulging and didn’t regret a minute of it. However, a few weeks after the birth, she realized that things needed to change because she still looked pregnant which somehow wasn’t normal.

The Goal

When she realized that she was unhealthy and classed as obese because she weighed more than she should according to her height, she decided to lose the excess weight. She wanted to be healthy for her baby and did not have a weight loss number in mind.

Casey Batchelor in before-and-after picture
Casey Batchelor in a before-and-after picture (Casey Batchelor / Instagram)

Weight Loss Secrets

Casey’s weight loss secrets are easily accessible to all. The main credit goes to yoga, high-intensity exercises, and eating a balanced diet. All the exercises she did are available in her app. Costing just £14.99 a month, the app seems worth the time and money. To download, simply visit www.yogablitz.com.

The Negativity

Though she had given birth to a new life a few weeks before, the negative comments regarding her weight gain were a bit too cruel. To teach the trolls a lesson, she showed off her weight loss on social media. She also wanted people to realize that snapping back into the pre-pregnancy shape is not easy after giving birth.

The Traumatic Labor

The diva’s weight loss is a big achievement because she didn’t have an easy labor. She got about 9.5 cm dilated on air and gas but the pain she had to bear was too much. Her body was in so much shock that she was vomiting a lot and asked for the epidural. Though she isn’t sure if she can take the pain again, she admits that her little munchkin is worth it.

Things didn’t smooth out even after the birthing process was over because she had a spinal fluid leakage from the epidural which led to bad headaches. It got so bad that she breastfed her daughter while laying on her side as she didn’t have the energy to sit up on her own. As she wasn’t able to hold her baby on her own and was dealing with a lot of pain, she became quite depressed at that time. All’s well that ends well because she is not only healthy once again but has also shared some weight loss advice with her fans that is mentioned right here.

Casey Batchelor in a selfie in November 2018
Casey Batchelor in a selfie in November 2018 (Casey Batchelor / Instagram)

Weight Loss Advice for Casey Batchelor Fans

  • Measure Your Food

If you want to lose weight, the first thing you need to start doing is to measure your food. Only eat the amount which is needed by the body. People who don’t measure their food often end up eating more than they should and complaint that a diet is of no use.

  • Men and Women are Different

Many women make the mistake of eating what their men eat and regret it later. Women should remember that men have more muscles and so they can eat more than women.

  • Exercise Daily

It’s not essential to hit the gym every day but you must aim at doing a few exercises every day to keep your metabolism working right. You can try her yoga blitz workouts as they last for 5 minutes each and can fit into your schedule easily.

Casey Batchelor with her daughter in December 2018
Casey Batchelor with her daughter in December 2018 (Casey Batchelor / Instagram)
  • Measure Your Progress

If you want to measure your progress, you must not depend only on scales. You should try and take pictures of yourself to measure your progress. It will work as a great motivator for you. Uploading them on social media is up to you but you should take pictures for your record.

  • Try This Move

Try the move known as boat pose which will work your abs and legs. Hold the pose for as long as possible and repeat it for about 8 times a day for best results.

  • Cheat Smartly

There is nothing wrong in cheating every once in a while when it comes to your diet. So, you should prepare chocolate covered rice cakes when in a mood to indulge. Many of them contain just 40 calories each and are sweet enough to satiate your sweet tooth.

Featured Image by Casey Batchelor / Instagram

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