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Celebrity Hacking Attacks

Michelle Obama

No one seems to be immune to a hacker attack. Anyone can become a victim of hacktivism, even top celebrities, politicians and famous people. Most recently many American celebrities had to deal with hacktivism and the fact that their Social Security numbers and financial information have been leaked. Imagine you wake up one morning and the entire world has an access to your private information. How would it make you feel?

Britney Spears, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Mel Gibson and other famous people are among the victims of the most recent hackers’ attacks. Hackers simply violated their privacy. Some of them got caught, others are still in hiding.

Scarlett Johansson

Many people consider her the sexiest woman in Hollywood. Her personal nude pictures went viral when Christopher Chaney stole and uploaded them online. After Scarlett took a legal action against him, he got 10 years sentence.

Michelle Obama

Michelle’s credit card details, Social Security number, phone numbers and other personal information was leaked to a website. Even the First Lady cannot be protected from hackers. Both local police and FBI have started an investigation into the matter in order to identify the people behind the attack. Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Mel Gibson and other celebrities were targeted by the same hacker. Their personal data has also been posted online.

All these cases have highlighted the breaches in email security systems. Cyber-attacks are becoming a widespread trend. Christopher Chaney who hacked into Scarlett Johansson’s email account has already paid the high price for his actions. Other enthusiasts still use password reset attacks to get the information they need. Gladly, hackers did not use Michelle Obama’s bank account and other information to harm her. There is still a chance that ordinary people, like you and me, can become victims of cyber attacks.

What can you do to protect your data?

–          Don’t post your email on the web. If a hacker knows your email address he or she can find a right password combination to it.

–          Use several email accounts. Avoid storing all the important information in one place. If someone hacks into your email count you will lose all your data at once. The hacker will get access to everything: your bank account, Facebook page, and much more. That’s why you need to create several email accounts for different purposes: one for Facebook notifications and other registration purposes, another for all your business correspondence.

–          Unique password. Try using different passwords for different email accounts you have. Avoid using the same password for all your accounts. Your password should contain capital letters, numbers and symbols. It may be a bit challenging to memorize all the different passwords, but it’s pretty rewarding to know that no one can actually hack into your account and destroy your sense of security.

–          Be careful with spam. Avoid opening any email attachments from unsolicited email accounts. Some attachments can contain damaging viruses.

Email service providers like Aweber, MailChimp, normally have some basic security level. However, you should still take some precaution measures to protect yourself. Change your email password every half a year to be on the safe side.

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