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Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser Share Thoughts on Workout and Diet

Celebrity trainer, Anna Kaiser
Celebrity trainer, Anna Kaiser

Have you ever wondered why celebrity trainers do what they do? Do you often think of what they consider the best way to get fit? If so, then you are in luck. Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser who has worked with celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofia Vergara, Kelly Ripa, Naomi Watts and Shakira to make them fitter recently talked her heart out. She talked about things like how she ended up creating fun and efficient workouts, what she considers a perfect balance between diet and workout as well as her approach on designing the workouts that change constantly. You can read about all of it right here.

How She Designs a Workout?

While talking to la.racked.com, the CEO of AKT InMotion explained that she designs a workout for her clients that changes after every two weeks. This approach helps her clients to stay fit as it keeps the mind guessing what the next workout would be and the body gets the opportunity to achieve new fitness levels on a regular basis.

As the trainer has worked as a dancer and choreographer in the past, she uses these skills in conjunction with her anatomy and exercise science knowledge to create awesome exercises. The exercises she designs are efficient and effective and would help you achieve visible fitness results with a refreshing new spin. She always and will always aim at making workouts fun for her clients. The workouts are created as per the need of the ever changing life of her clients but she also ensures that they always have some fun element in it.

Anna Kaiser

The Story behind Her Fun and Efficient Workouts

The TV host likes to help people get fit because she herself has gone through the weight and fitness struggles in the past. She had suffered in the past when she bulked up from over training. She was also never so sure about which exercises helped her. She did too much Pilates at times or reduced the amount of cardio to a greater extent. After all those times of struggles, her only aim now is to make workouts fun and efficient at the same time.

Time Factor

The great looking fitness fanatic also knows the fact that people have too busy lives these days. Hence, they can’t take out two hours to hit the gym. She has always designed comprehensive workouts for them. Anna also wants to inspire women to stay fit in a positive and efficient manner. For that, she has built a team of people who care about what they do for a client and actually want to help them. She knows that most of the clients want a person who actually cares about their fitness (as she felt the same in the past) and she along with her team delivers it.

Diet and Fitness

The co-host of ABC’s My Diet is Better Than Yours (2016-Present) also knows that the relationship between a suitable nutrition plan and a delicious whole food is vital for every person. She doesn’t like to use the word “diet” because a diet is usually followed for a short duration. Instead, she believes in making long-term diet changes that begin slowly but remains applicable in life for years. According to the fitness guru, fitness is a lifestyle and a proper diet is the foundation of that lifestyle. So, if the foundation is shaky, the lifestyle won’t be able to stick for long.

Anna Kaiser in a class
Anna Kaiser in a class

Workout and Diet

Anna also thinks that if a person is working hard in a gym but is not following a proper diet, he or she will never get the results they want as without proper food, their body will not be able to sustain the workouts. This inability to sustain the workouts will play a key role in ensuring that you won’t see physical results which may compel you to work harder and burn out eventually.

Anna Kaiser during a workout class
Anna Kaiser during a workout class

Aversion to Foods

If you are curious about what diet Kaiser follows, she has answered that too. She likes to eat everything in moderation and never deprives herself from any food she wants. She just has an aversion to sweet breads, rocky mountain oysters, and okra because she doesn’t like the taste of these foods.

Anna Kaiser working out with resistance band
Anna Kaiser working out with resistance band

The 80-20 Diet Rule

The inventor of Beachbody’s INSANITY also follows the famous 80-20 rule with regard to her diet. According to this rule, you follow the healthy and nutritious diet plan 80% of the times and on the remaining 20% of times, you indulge in delicious but somewhat unhealthy foods. She always works out harder after she enjoys a delicious diet to compensate for her extravagance.

Want more of her valuable ideas and thoughts on fitness? Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram.

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