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Celebrity Trainer Chris Sainsbury Workout and Diet Advice

Chris Sainsbury in an Instagram picture
Chris Sainsbury in an Instagram picture

Celebrity trainer Chris Sainsbury has recently shared some useful workout and diet advice. He wants you to workout consistently, have a good diet and opt for exercises that are fun. He also wants to help the masses be more aware of fitness and ultimately wants to share his knowledge as a speaker and a successful author. Let’s know about all his useful tips and life goals here.

The Beginning

When Sainsbury was in his early 20’s, he didn’t have a clear direction in life or career. He was battling depression and needed to change his lifestyle. So, he made a commitment to improving his life via fitness. Once, Sean Combs saw a video of him working out and training a few people. Combs asked Sean to train him too. After a few months, he was asked to serve as a trainer on MTV’s Making Da Band reality series. Since then, his life has changed and he embarked upon the journey of becoming a renowned trainer.

Chris Sainsbury lifting weight
Chris Sainsbury lifting weight

Biggest Fitness Mistake

The handsome hunk thinks that though many people understand the value of hitting the gym, but they often fail to make a lifestyle change. You have to be consistently motivated, change your habits and know when you need help to give an extra push.

The Client List

The personal trainer has worked with several celebrity clients that include names like Rihanna, Marc Jacobs, Regina King, Columbus Short, Lauren London, Carl Thomas, Keith Robinson, Chris Brown, Rocsi Diaz and Brandy Norwood.

Chris Sainsbury showing his abs
Chris Sainsbury showing his abs

No Gender Specific Exercises

The owner of a gym in Brooklyn, New York thinks that there is no major difference between women and men with regard to establishing a workout routine. He believes that men and women can do exactly the same workouts and still benefit tremendously. You should always remember to choose an exercise that’s fun and yet challenging at some level.

Chris Sainsbury in an Instagram photo
Chris Sainsbury in an Instagram photo

Diet Matters

The entrepreneur thinks that it is not possible to see great results when you eat a poor diet and get some exercise. His aim is not only to help people look better naked, he wants them to combat issues like obesity, hypertension, skeletal structural damage, HIV, self-doubt, etc. Helping others in improving their fitness makes him feel whole and he considers it as his gift to the world. If you wish for better health, you should get exercise, have enough nutrition, and rest. If any of them is missing, you won’t be able to get the results you want, be it weight loss or making your life stress-free.

Defying the Odds of Physical Health

The Crossfit Affiliate owner defies the odds of physical health by not letting himself down. He wakes up daily to be a better person than before. Before a workout, he goes through several levels of nervousness and anxiety. But when he gets started with a workout, those feelings go away. When the thoughts like ‘he is not good enough’ creep into his mind, he starts a workout and the adrenaline takes over those thoughts. When that happens, there is no stopping him.

Beating the Fear of Working out Regularly

While talking to Essence, the New York resident shared that you can beat the fear of working out. For that, you need to redefine exercise and what it means to you. You should remember that no one shares your body. The workouts you choose should be enjoyable. A movement is a form of exercise and you just need to challenge yourself a bit more to evoke a healthier change in your life and find joy in moving.

If you wish to stay away from serious problems like heart diseases, hypertension, suicide and obesity, you should try exercising as it will save from the things that are killing people before their time.

In simple words, you should choose an exercise that makes you feel good. It should feed your confidence level and make you stronger. It should also boost your mental health. The key is to keep moving constantly.

Chris Sainsbury in a fitness class
Chris Sainsbury in a fitness class

Future Life Goal

Sainsbury wants to reach the masses. He thinks that training plays a key role in influencing lifestyle change. He forms connections with clients. His long-term goals, which he hopes to achieve in the next five years, include being the host of a syndicated radio program, an elite trainer, a motivational speaker and a New York Times Bestselling author.

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