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Celebrity Trainer Sarah Lindsay Workout and Diet Tips

Celebrity trainer Sarah Lindsay
Celebrity trainer Sarah Lindsay

People often have the belief that doing enough cardiovascular exercises is the simplest and easiest way of losing weight. This perception was recently shattered by celebrity trainer Sarah Lindsay who suggested doing weight training to get the body of your dreams. She also recommends opting for big lifts, having the right nutrition and depending on protein shakes. In her opinion, seeking the guidance of an expert to help you is also recommended.

Less Cardio

The director of Roar Fitness says that focusing only on cardiovascular exercises in an attempt to weight loss is not the right approach. She says the proper solution is to opt for weight training. The right weight training program will not only blast away body fat quickly, it will also tone and shape your body. This toning and shaping cannot be achieved by pounding away on treadmills or attending spin classes. Doing some cardio is alright but weight training will always have a far more positive and profound impact on your hormonal system.

Olympic athlete & celebrity personal trainer Sarah Lindsay working out
Olympic athlete & celebrity personal trainer Sarah Lindsay working out

Hormone Release

The trainer of several A-listers believes that you release several hormones like growth hormones testosterone or IGF-1 while doing weight training. They help in boosting your metabolism and enhancing your overall health and well-being.

Side Effects of Too Much Cardio

The three-time former Olympian also explained major side effects of cardio exercises, reports Daily Mail. She says that if you do cardiovascular exercises in excess, it becomes stressful on your adrenal glands. It can cause loss of lean muscle which plays a key role in maintaining a fast metabolism. People with fast metabolism get more success in keeping the fat storage away. She adds that your body also adapts to the routine of cardio quickly so your fat burning ability plateaus in a short time.

In contrast, with weight training, you can avoid reaching a plateau by varying the exercises you do, changing the tempo or varying the number of reps you are doing. These changes would ensure that your metabolism stays elevated even 48 hours post the workout.

Sarah Lindsay taut stomach
Sarah Lindsay taut stomach

Workout Motivation

The European gold medal-winning speed skater says that the results you get are a great workout motivator, reports Mirror. Once you begin to see the difference your efforts are making, you will be hooked to exercising regularly.

Tips for Fans

Concentrate on Big Lifts

The trainer of pop star Pixie Lott wants you to do at least 13 to 15 reps of the deadlift exercise as it will work on your posterior muscles like glutes, back, and hamstrings. While trying to perform the lift with maximum effort, you will build great strength and muscle. It will also help you to achieve a great metabolic response.

Diet Tips

You should stick to a whole food based diet and have regular protein meals throughout the day. You should also have plenty of fibrous meals. Having plenty of water is also a must for everyone.

Sarah Lindsay celebrity trainer
Sarah Lindsay celebrity trainer

Remember the Supersets

A great way to ensure that you get more work done during your workouts is doing supersets. It will also minimize the rest time. You can try doing an exercise like deadlift, resting for about 45 to 60 seconds before doing chest presses to train another body part. Then you should move to another exercise. Doing supersets for 45 minutes is worth five hours on the treadmill when your aim is the long-term fat loss.

Rely on Protein Shakes

You should always remember that post workout protein is vital for your recovery. While lifting weights, you are actually breaking down the muscle tissue. Taking a protein shake would ensure the re-growth of new muscle which will ultimately boost your BMR (Meaning number of calories you burn while at rest). Hence, protein shakes keep you leaner for long term. It is essential for you to have the protein shake within 30 minutes of training.

Sarah Lindsay
Sarah Lindsay

Seek Assistance

Many people are afraid of doing weight training because they fear they will end up hurting themselves. If the thought of an injury scares you too, then you should seek the assistance of an instructor or trainer. They would be happy to help you. If you are not sure about seeking the assistance of a paid professional, you can seek free advice from the fellow gym members as many of them would be passionate about weight training and eager to give you a hand.

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