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Charlize Theron Transformation for Mad Max: Fury Road – The Story Behind and Reactions on the “Look”

Charlize Theron Transformation
Charlize Theron Transformation

Charlize Theron is well known for changing her looks for the films she takes on. But the transformation she has undergone for Mad Max: Fury Road, which will hit the theaters on May 15, 2015, is really creating a buzz these days. Are you curious about how she did it? Are you wondering that didn’t she feel nervous about being completely bald? If so, then read on to know, how she managed it and what famous people have to say about it.

Charlize’s Part of the Story

Her Inspiration for the Transformation

As reported by ETOnline, the actress confessed that the story of the film inspired her to cut off her hair. She also added that she felt grateful that the movie shoot was longer than usual as it helped her to make the transformation complete without bothering about deadlines.

On Making the Actual Decision

The blonde beauty also admitted that once she decided that she had to shave off her hair for the role, she was eager to get it done. Charlize went for the major step only the next day of finalizing her decision. Well, we think quick execution of the decision was a great step as it probably helped her to stay away from second thoughts. Don’t you think?

Getting Rid of the Hair as a “Blessing”

Believe it or not, the star celebrity has confessed that getting rid of hair was also a kind of blessing to her. When she decided to get rid of the hair for the movie, the timing was perfect. She has had two press tours at that time and the condition of her hair was not so good. So, as you may have guessed, the process of getting rid of the damaged hair was not much of a pain.

The Mommy Connection

The pretty actress has also confessed that she was also a new mom at the time of the transformation (when she herself shaved her head in 2012 during the filming of the post-apocalyptic film), which made things easier. How? She had to manage the shooting and her little Jackson at the same time, so the idea of not having to style her hair every morning and spending precious minutes in it was not much of a sacrifice. In her own words, “The timing was perfect.”

Charlize Theron with her son Jackson
Charlize Theron with her son Jackson

The Movie Experience

By her own admission, shooting for Mad Max was one of the toughest things, she had to do in the last 20 years. The reasons for that were not only the long shooting hours and tough locations like remote deserts of Namibia, the timing played a major role too. The shooting started around the same time, when she had adopted her son. So, she used to put in 14 hours in shooting and had to commute for two hours to reach her son, who was not sleeping well. She ended up being sleep deprived and had to still workout to maintain her training routine.

The Reactions

The Boyfriend – Sean Penn

Charlize Theron with her boyfriend Sean Penn
Charlize Theron with her boyfriend Sean Penn

Due to the fact that Theron had to go bald, she is now sporting a cool buzz cut. When asked about how her boyfriend, Sean Penn feels about the look, the attractive actress said that he likes the new hairstyle. She also added that they don’t talk about it much but Sean is pretty much okay with it.

The Director- George Miller

As reported by Stuff.co.nz, the director of the film, George Miller declared Charlize to be a warrior due to her decision of shaving off her head, taking on 10-pound mechanical arm and rolling around in the dust to get the fight scenes right. We must say it seems quite a lot.

The Co-Star – Tom Hardy

The English star, Tom Hardy has confessed to being in awe of the character played by Charlize. He thinks she is not only extremely beautiful, but she also has the ability to transmute a plethora of characters in an abundance of range. She also has a distinct lack of vanity or narcissism.

After reading through all the reactions and the appreciation, it can be said that the step seems to be a huge success not only for the actress, but for the promotion of the film as well.

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