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Charlize Theron Workout Routine Diet Plan

Born on 7 August 1975 Charlize Theron, a model cum Oscar winning actress is renowned for her splendid beauty and fabulous figure. This South African actress was not skinny and well outlined in the early stages of her life. She had worked hard on her body and followed a very strict yet healthy diet plan to become what she is today. Light workout and natural mode of exercise such as dance along with organized balanced diet helped her to acquire a svelte body, and glowing skin. Her slender figure is the perfect example of what a fashion designer would think of before designing a piece of work, in order to make the work noticeable.

If you are seeking to get the perfect blend of beauty, well toned figure and eye-catching personality just like Charlize, then you may follow the subsequent workout and diet plan of Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron Workout Routine

Charlize Theron prefers to have a balanced body with equal stress on the upper as well as lower area with perfect equilibrium between her figure and mind. Slim waist, skinny and long legs, and well defined shoulders and neckline are the most striking features of Theron and for this, she do little workout, yoga, cardio exercise and Pilates. Her body is not the result of just above mentioned exercises, but various dance forms are also equally creditable for this.

Seamless blend of Kettlebells, few hours of gymnastics in a month along with yoga is the secret of Charlize Theron’s perfect and delicate body. In her busy schedule also, she is able to find time for her workout and put her foods in a well organized order. She believes in taking natural and fresh air, which helps her to restore her youth, this is the reason why she looks very young even at the age of 37.

Charlize Theron Workout Diet
Charlize Theron coming out after Pilates session

She performs kettlebells, which helps her to work out over her whole body; cardio workout removes unnecessary fats from her abdomen and yoga, which balances her mind, soul and body. Theron is also like to play squash, which keeps her active throughout the day.

Charlize Theron Diet Plan

If you also want to flaunt a svelte body like Charlize you just need to put your diet plan in a perfect order, which constitutes all the required nutrients starting from calcium to protein. This South African actress takes her light and small meals six times a day at defined intervals instead of taking heavy meals 3 times a day. She never eats junk and oily food like pizzas, chips, French fries, etc., which makes her digestive system unhappy or which causes pimples. She drinks lots of water when she wake up in the morning and then she likes to have fruits.

She distributed her six small meals in the following order:

  • Breakfast – Charlize Theron prefers to have milk or milk products, which can supplement required calcium, and fruits that contain minerals and vitamins.
  • Snacks – She takes light stuff like yogurt in her first snack to make her going.
  • Lunch – Her lunch is very rich in protein. She orders those foods, which are rich in protein such as skinless boiled chicken, sea food, etc.
  • Snacks – In the second snack of the day, she prefers to eat fruits that contain antioxidants.
  • Dinner – Theron prefers to have foods that contain fiber like salads, few slices of brown bread, etc. She avoids eating refined flour or such by-products those are not healthy for her metabolism.
  • Snacks- Before going to bed, Charlize likes to have a small food session, which consists of vegetables generally.

Follow the diet and work out plan similar to Charlize Theron and the day is not far when you will also get a shape like her.

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