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Chontel Duncan Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Chontel Duncan Quick Info
Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 62 kg
Date of Birth July 21, 1989
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Spouse Samuel Duncan

Chontel Duncan is a dynamic social media fitness influencer from Australia. She is a business owner who often admits to working 80 hours a week and is a mother to 2. Despite having an intense daily routine and two pregnancies in two consecutive years (2016 & 2017), Chontel has managed to retain her lean figure, owing to her commitment to exercise and healthy eating. She frequently documents the changes in her body, dietary preferences, and views on parenting on social media often attracting both criticism and admiration.

Born Name

Chontel Hau

Nick Name


Chontel Duncan in a selfie in March 2018
Chontel Duncan in a selfie in March 2018 (Chontel Duncan / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Australian nationality


During high school, Chontel participated in various sports and fitness competitions.

Afterward, she got trained in Muay Thai boxing at Bloodshed Fight Gym located at Healthworks Victoria Point and eventually became a Muay Thai trainer herself. She, later, upgraded her qualification by taking a course in Personal Training and Nutrition and started working full time as a trainer in 2012.


Fitness Model, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur


  • Mother – Rita Hau née Van Der Lelie (Fisher & Paykel Employee)
  • Siblings – Rachel Hau (Younger sister) (Asset Manager, Photographer)
  • Others – Matthew Duncan (Brother-in-law), Raewyn Duncan (Mother-in-law) (Social Worker)




6 ft 1 in or 185.5 cm


62 kg or 136.5 lbs

Boyfriend / Spouse

Chontel Duncan has dated –

  1. Samuel Duncan aka Sam (2002-Present) – Chontel married her high school sweetheart, Sam Duncan, in 2014. They have remained a couple since Chontel was 14 years old and had lived together for more than a decade, working long hours in their respective professions, before getting married. Sam is a Muay Thai athlete and trainer as well as a DJ. He is Chontel’s business partner in HIIT Australia gyms in Queensland. Together, the couple has 2 sons, namely, Jeremiah Thomas Duncan (born March 2016) and Swayde Noel Duncan (born September 2017).
Chontel Duncan as seen with Sam Duncan in April 2018
Chontel Duncan as seen with Sam Duncan in April 2018 (Chontel Duncan / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


She is of European and native Australian descent.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

She frequently colors her hair ‘blonde’ or ‘auburn’.

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Extremely tall, lean, and muscular with a very low body fat percentage
  • Has Breast Implants
  • Maintains thick and arched eyebrows

Brand Endorsements

She primarily promotes her chain of gyms named HIIT Australia.

Chontel Duncan showing her toned physique in a gym selfie in June 2018
Chontel Duncan showing her toned physique in a gym selfie in June 2018 (Chontel Duncan / Instagram)

Best Known For

  • Being an Instagram fitness influencer
  • In 2016, her pregnancy photos went viral. In one of them, she was still rocking a near 6 pack at 5 months of pregnancy and had managed to retain most of her muscularity at 9 months pregnant in her subsequent photos. A lot of people were shocked by her leanness and criticized her for being extremely lean while expecting her first child.

Personal Trainer

In 2009, Chontel started training under the supervision of Dwayne Glasgow, owner of Bloodshed Muay Thai Gym, who was one of Chontel’s earliest coaches. Her macros and meal preparations were prepared and calculated by Sam Duncan.

To gain more explosiveness and power in Muay Thai, Chontel started bodybuilding in 2012. As a fitness competitor, she trained her legs twice a week, trained all other body parts once a week, performed Muay Thai HIIT 5 times a week, and did steady state cardio 3 times a week.

To gain strength, Chontel used to perform at least 3 compound movements for 6 repetitions followed by exercises for hypertrophy and definition by training in the 10-20 repetition range. However, her approach to gaining muscle has kept evolving. Some of her more hardcore workouts incorporate sled pushes and pulls, box jumps, and kettlebell finishers.

As a competitor, she had 6-7 meals a day and did not have to drastically deplete carbohydrates from her diet right before getting on the stage, owing to the advantage of being extremely tall. Her sample meal plan as a fitness competitor was :

  • Meal 1: Oats, Eggs, Berries, and Black Coffee
  • Meal 2: Brown Rice, Tofu, and Veggies
  • Meal 3: Sweet Potato, Boiled Eggs, Nuts, Salad, and Quorn Pieces (Vegetarian food)
  • Meal 4: Whey Protein Isolate Shake and a Rice Cake with Natural Butter
  • Meal 5: Grilled Fish, Veggies, and an Avocado
  • Meal 6: Whey Protein Isolate Shake

Chontel continued to train 5 times a week even during both her pregnancies and made no changes to her hectic work and exercise routine until the start of the 30th week of her first pregnancy. But, her strong core created labor problems during her first pregnancy as her 6 packs held on to her baby extremely tight and the doctors had to cut her higher up than usual during a C-section procedure and retrieve her baby with the help of forceps. During her 2nd pregnancy, she performed her last workout 4 days before delivery.

Post pregnancy, Chontel has continued with her 6 meals a day dietary format that adds up to a daily consumption of 1900 calories. Below is her post-pregnancy sample meal plan –

  • Breakfast – 2 Whole Eggs, 2 Pieces of Rye Toast, Half a Tomato, Brown Onion, Mushrooms, 20g Cheese, and WPI Shake with Choc Greens Powder
  • Morning Tea – 6 Curry Pumpkin Bites, Steamed Vegetables, and 120-gram rice
  • Lunch – Black Bean and Beetroot Burger Pattie, 20g Cheese, 1 Barley Wrap with Spinach, Tomato, Onion, and Capsicum
  • Afternoon Tea – 4 Quorn Nuggets, Steamed Vegetables (Peas, Beans, Corn, and Broccoli), 120g Rice
  • Dinner – Veggie Vitality Burger from Grill’d Australian food franchise
  • Dessert – Chocolate Coconut Protein Mousse with Strawberries (50g) and Banana (50g)

Overall, Chontel is a self-proclaimed pescatarian who only eats white flesh fish which is extremely well done. Since overcooked fish carries no health benefits, she considers omega 3 as an essential supplement. Other than that, she dislikes the taste of any other animal meat. Her other supplements are Whey Protein Isolate and Glutamine.

Chontel Duncan Favorite Things

  • Outdoor Activities – Fishing, Camping
  • Movie Love & Basketball (2000)
  • Music Genre – R&B, 1970s music
  • Veteran Musical Artists – UB40, Cold Chisel, Boyz II Men, Bob Marley
  • Fitness Role Models /InfluencersEmily Skye, Sophie Guidolin, Paige Hathaway
  • Restaurants – PawPaw Cafe, Miss Bliss, Eat Street Markets, Any place that serves Grilled Salmon Fillet
  • Cheat Food – Grilled Field of Mushrooms Burger & Frozen Coconut Yogurt
  • Healthy Indulgence – Grilled Salmon with Steamed Veggies & Sweet Potato Fries
  • Protein Brand – WPI Natural Protein
  • Strength Training Exercises – Barbell Squats, Straight Leg Deadlifts, Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  • Form Of Cardio – Muay Thai HIIT
  • QuoteDon’t Go Through Life, Grow Through Life
  • Playlist – Soundcloud DJ Mixes by her husband DJ Sammy HIIT

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Chontel Duncan in a selfie in April 2018
Chontel Duncan in a selfie in April 2018 (Chontel Duncan / Instagram)

Chontel Duncan Facts

  1. She used to sleepwalk as a child.
  2. Chontel started modeling at the age of 14.
  3. Throughout high school, she actively participated in team sports such as basketball, rugby, volleyball, netball, and touch football. She particularly excelled at track & field events such as sprints (100 and 200 meters), high jump, and long jump.
  4. After completing her high school education, Chontel started participating in various fitness and sports modeling competitions while still working various jobs such as that of a receptionist.
  5. Chontel found success and recognition by competing in the ‘Fitness’ category of International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA).
  6. Once in an attempt to make her face go as red as possible in her childhood, Chontel broke half of her front right tooth when she fainted and fell on the floor tiles due to holding her breath for too long.
  7. Her childhood aspiration was to become a chef. While researching various types of food, she developed an intense dislike for all animal meat when she found out how they were processed.
  8. She was a finalist in the Miss Universe Australia pageant held in April 2009.
  9. After having her first child in 2016, she expressed her interest in having 3 more children.
  10. She owns the HIIT Australia gyms in Queensland.
  11. To find out more about her chain of gyms, visit the official website @
  12. Follow Chontel Duncan on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Featured Image by Chontel Duncan / Instagram

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