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Cinch Diet Plan – Get Slim in Thirty Days

Cinch Diet Plan developed by SASS

Devised by Cynthia Sass, Cinch Diet program is one of the rapid weight loss programs. Having total duration of thirty days, the program will strip off pounds from your body, boost up your energy, and will build up your confidence.

Cinch diet being basically vegan insists the consumption of plant based foods. The well-planned plan will melt ten pounds from your body in thirty days.

How Cinch Diet Works? 

Cinch diet schedule has been divided into four small meals in a day. Along-with four meals you can consume dark chocolate at the end of the day to replace desserts. Dark chocolates being great antioxidants are helpful in maintaining youthful charm of your face, and stimulating fat burning process in your body. Cinch Diet has specifically been designed for women above twenty five.

The plan will tell you how you can keep you in great shape without depriving you from your beloved foods. Besides that, you don’t have to compromise over your flavor because there are hundred mouth-watering recipes in it. You simply can learn these recipes and can savor delicious foods without torturing your body.

Two Phases of Cinch Diet

Cinch diet has been divided into two phases. Let’s have a look at these two phases.

First Phase

First phase of cinch diet will last for five days. This phase has also been named as fast forward phase. In this phase, you are supposed to consume almonds, spinach, organic eggs, yogurt, raspberries etc. You will feel tempted to fall in love with whole and natural foods, which will also beat your cravings.

You can have up to 1300 calories in a day in this phase. You will melt more than eight pounds in five days. Sass contends, weight loss occurring in the phase one is due to water loss mainly because in such a short span of time, you cannot expect fat loss.

However, water loss too is significant and is beneficial for your body because it provide you relief from constipation. Besides that, quick results will fill you with amazing energy, as a result of which, you will feel immensely motivated to swear by the plan.

Second Phase 

After five days, second phase will start. This phase is also known as core plan. In this phase, you will be allowed to inculcate variety of foods which were banished in phase one. You can make your choice of meals from unprocessed foods, organic foods, plant-based fats, whole grains, and seasonal foods.

You can have up to 1600 calories in a day in this phase. Food recommendation in this phase has been kept while maintaining proportionate ratio of proteins, carbs and fats. Try to refrain from processed foods, additives, and artificial ingredients. You are permitted to have one cup of coffee in this phase.

How To follow Cinch Diet 

Cinch diet program is easy to abide by. You need to have your breakfast within one hour after waking up. After that, maintain a gap of three to four hours between your breakfast and lunch. It’s vital to maintain this gap because it will keep check on your insulin sensitivity, blood sugar level, metabolism, and appetite.

Exclusive food items of the program such as hot peppers, vinegar, tea, spices, herbs etc. will add taste to your diet and will speed up your metabolism. If you find phase one too restrictive, you can skip it and switch directly to phase two.

What is SASS? 

You will find one term very prominently used in the entire program and that is SASS. Well, SASS means Slimming And Satiating Seasoning. Five main foods have been inculcated in SASS, which are spinach, almond, raspberries, yogurt, and eggs.

Workouts in Cinch Diet Plan

Sass considers you can attain your weight loss objective faster, should you practice workouts on daily basis. You shall practice workouts for minimum five days in a week. If you find it unable to move ahead with your workouts, make it a routine to do brisk walking for thirty minutes in a day.

Sample Meal Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of cinch diet.

First Meal

You can have one cup of spinach with one egg, one cup of raspberries, almond, and six oz of fat-free yogurt in the breakfast.

Second Meal

You can include summer slaw pita and zesty bean in second meal of the day.

Third Meal

You can have ten whole black olives, one cup red seedless grapes, one serving of natural whole-grain crackers, one boiled egg, spoonful of fresh rosemary, and can use pepper, orange juice, vinegar etc. to enhance the flavor of your meals.

Fourth Meal 

You can have one cup of raspberries, cilantro-jalapeno guacamole with fish tacos, and almond butter in fourth meal of the day.

Benefits of Cinch Diet Plan

Cinch diet comes under healthy diet program which has been crafted after years of study and research. You can rely on the plan because it is designed by licensed nutritionist and health expert. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of cinch diet.

  • The diet program will rid you from heart problems and several other terrible diseases.
  • You will see improvement in your sleeping pattern while going along with the plan. Since foods affect the functioning of your body, you will get better sleep with improved eating habits.
  • As the diet plan is very organized, without disturbing your routine schedule, or without devoting extra time in choosing the food items, you can easily adhere to the diet schedule. Should you directly jump to phase two, you can make phase two your lifestyle diet regime also.
  • You will learn the value of foods and will know what kinds of foods are healthy for your body.
  • You will get directions such as what food items you should buy from grocery shops to adorn your kitchen and refrigerator with healthy and nutritious foods.

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  1. Get slim in 30 days is hard but possible. It is important that we have to follow the diet strictly and not to stop in the middle of the process.


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