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Clean and Lean Diet – Get Bikini Body in Fourteen Days

Clean and Lean Diet crafted by James Duigan

Drafted by renowned celebrity personal trainer and fitness expert, James Duigan, Clean and Lean Diet can get you bikini body just in 14 days. James being health and well-being expert has carefully devised the diet plan.

Famous celebrities such as Hampstead, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Elle Macpherson, Dolce & Gabbana, David Gandy, Hugh Grant, and Holly Valance are some of the big fans of the diet plan who have brought their body into enviable shapes with the help of diet plan.

Without counting your number of calories, you can melt fat by following a healthy lifestyle. The diet plan will bring you closer to nature. James contends that we are naturally slim and it’s only our wrong lifestyle and way of living, which makes us become victim of obesity and myriad other diseases.

Principle of Clean and Lean Diet Plan

Clean and Lean Diet believes that processed and unhealthy foods pile up toxins into your body, which get converted into fats and make various parts of your body such as hips, thighs, arms, stomach become shapeless.

The diet plan suggests some easy ways of workouts which will pave your way to a ripped body. Instead of blindly asking you to consume high fat protein rich foods such as chicken, oils, butters etc., the diet plan insists consumption of the food items in natural form.

Should you consume rich sources of protein and carb in natural form, you will lose weight faster than anything. While elaborating the cause of craving, James asserts that your body craves to consume sugary foods due to deficiency of essential nutrients. If you fill up that deficiency and feed your body healthy food items, rich in various vital nutrients, you naturally shall not crave for them.

How Clean and Lean Diet Plan Works?

Clean and lean diet plan has been divided into two parts. In the first part, you will cleanse your body with the help of healthy drinks and food items. Detoxification through healthy foods and drinks will sweep all the toxins from your body.

In the second part, you will learn simple, delicious, and nutritious food recipes, which will beat your cravings.

Under the diet plan, processed and unhealthy foods, sugary foods, alcohol, caffeine, and even fruits are forbidden for two weeks. You also need to refrain from wheat grain because wheat gets converted into sugar after reaching into your body.

All you need to consume is organic foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs etc. You have to be extra careful not to starve your body and feed it fruits and vegetables whenever it feels hungry. You will learn how to feed the right kind of foods at right time and that too without starving your body.

Besides that, the diet plan will educate you how to conquer your cravings and how to stay away from drinks and foods which make weight loss almost impossible to you.

Why Processed Food is so Bad for Your Body?

James basically intends to bring you in the lap of nature because nature contains all the remedies and solutions for your troubles. Organic foods suffice your body with all the nutrients, which are vital for the nourishment of your body.

He strongly criticizes processed foods because they are modified and have copious preservatives, additives, and harmful chemicals used in them. Though these modifications might make them look and taste good but when these harmful products and chemicals reach inside your body, they do unrecoverable harm to your body.

Process of Weight Loss

James explains the process of weight loss in his diet plan. He contends that you will consistently lose weight at a very fast pace in the beginning and the reason for that would be Ketosis. When you consume diet rich in protein and low in carbs, ketosis takes place in your body. Ketosis is the stage when your body flushes out excess water and you feel lighter.

Recommended Food Items in the Diet Plan

Food Items recommended in the diet plan low in carbs, rich in protein and healthy fat.

Protein – Salmon, prawn, lamb, chicken, lean meat, fish

Healthy Fat – Nuts, avocado, seeds, coconut oil, olive oil

Vegetables – Broccoli, sweet potato, peppers, spinach, green beans

Should you get intense craving for sugary food items, eat nuts, eggs, mushrooms, asparagus. These food items will effectively curb your craving because deficiency of protein and chromium in your body is responsible for craving for sugary food items. You can also consume one cup of coffee, should you get strong desire to have it.

Sample Menu of Clean and Lean Diet Plan

One of the sample menu plans of clean and lean diet plan is as follows.

Breakfast – Boiled lemon water, oats having avocados spread over them, poached eggs with oatcakes, or asparagus

Snacks – Smoothie made up of almonds, raspberries, blueberries, and rice milk

Lunch – Salmon omelet, spinach

Dinner – Avocado salad, salsa chicken

Benefits of Clean and Lean Diet Plan

Clean and lean diet plan has numerous benefits, some of which are as follows.

  • Apart from dropping weight, the diet plan will rid you from several health issues such as elevated sugar level, cholesterol level, high blood pressure, and numerous other diseases.
  • Since sugary food items are forbidden in the diet plan, you will feel vibrant glow on your face and hair. Sugary foods tend to make your skin and hair look insipid. The diet plan will weed out blemishes from your face and will render you a flawless skin.
  • Since the plan has abolished all the sinister food items and drinks, you will feel more energized and exhilarated from inside.

Limitation of the Diet Plan

The diet plan seeks you to forbid several food items from your routine life. That’s the reason; the plan is apt to be followed in short run. However, it’s not practical to abide by it in long run. That being said, since the diet program claims to bring you in sleeker frame of body in mere fourteen days, you certainly can give the diet plan a shot to prepare yourself for some special event. After all getting an hourglass figure in fourteen days is not less than a miracle.

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