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Controversial “Protein World Ad Model” Renee Somerfield Fitness Secrets

This is how people are showing outrage to Renee Somerfield's Ad "Are You Beach Body Ready?"
This is how people are showing outrage to Renee Somerfield’s Ad “Are You Beach Body Ready?”

Renee Somerfield, a famous Australian swimwear model who starred in the Protein World’s controversial ad saying “Are you beach body ready?” has taken a lot of heat recently. The Twitterati slammed the famous premium online store providing fitness and sports nutrition, Protein World for indirectly stating that people, who have super slim body only should be at seaside this summer.

The successful model has finally broken her silence on the issue by stating that she has been victimized too. It seems that she personally does not believe that women who have super slim body only have a right to cooling off near the seaside this summer. She also defended Protein World’s campaign by stating that the company aimed the ad to help people realize that they need to be the fitter and healthier version of themselves.

Renee Somerfield's Protein World Ad in the public place
Renee Somerfield’s Protein World Ad in the public place

The popular model also spilled her fitness secrets as well as her opinion on her own figure. As reported by Daily Mail, the model does not like being too skinny. She credits her genes and an active lifestyle for her fitness rather than promoting any health supplements. Here’s the gist of her fitness secrets –

Not Starving

Renee Somerfield in bikini
Renee Somerfield in bikini

The sexy model does not believe in starving herself for remaining in shape. She is also not fond of dieting, but firmly believes in looking after her body.

Vegan Diet

The smoking hot model is also a dedicated follower of Vegan Diet, and hence, stays away from all kinds of animal related products. Her dedication is so fierce that she even refuses to drink the Slender Blend Shake offered by Protein World.

Unique Smoothie

Renee has also revealed her fitness secrets by using twitter. She had tweeted about her liking for pea smoothies that she consumes on a daily basis. It’s a protein supplement that’s worth exploring and tastes delicious too. Do check BodyBuilding.com to learn all about the benefits and recipes of pea smoothies.

Preferred Foods

Somerfield has a liking for berries, salad, grains, green vegetables and tofu. She munches on them regularly rather than opting for heavy meals.

Not an Indoor Person

Renee Somerfield Beach Workout
Renee Somerfield Beach Workout

The beautiful blonde has admitted to the fact that she is not fond of indoor exercises and rarely participates in gymming. Rather, she prefers to do daily weight resistance training on the beach, where she can take in a lot of fresh air. She also favors doing sprints across the dunes as it helps her feel good. Again, Renee used a social media platform, Instagram to share this information with her fans.

Her Opinion on being Skinny

The talented model has also acknowledged the fact that being skinny wasn’t an advantage throughout her life. On the contrary, being a skinny girl made her feel awkward, especially in childhood, but she got over that. She learned to love herself for who she is. Renee, now, considers herself to be genetically blessed.

Everyone is Beautiful

The gorgeous model has universally accepted that everyone is beautiful. Everybody has a right to show off their body. She tweeted

“I agree that ALL bodies are ‘beach body ready’. Skinny, curvy, muscular, petite, tall, short, young and old. Confidence is beautiful no matter what size you are…. Your reflection doesn’t define your worth.”

Somerfield’s Fitness Fundas for People

In an exclusive interview given to HuffingtonPost.co.uk, the breathtaking beauty has shared her opinion on how everyone can be fit and beautiful. People should nourish their bodies and be kind to it. When a person loves his or her body, the body will love you right back and then your size really won’t matter.

The beauty concluded her advice by adding that people should aim for a healthy body rather than worrying so much about the body size.

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