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Craig Robinson Weight Loss Secrets

Craig Robinson is a perfect example of people who often get too busy for fitness but realize their mistake in time to make amends. He has lost 50 pounds in the last few months and is living a much healthier life due to better food, exercise and lifestyle choices. Have a look at how simple his weight loss secrets are and get inspired to make healthy changes in your lifestyle as well.

Weight Loss Secrets

The biggest reason for the weight loss of Ghosted (2017-Present) star was stopping his alcohol intake. He hasn’t had an alcoholic beverage since January 2017. He decided to try this detox when he learned that a person could regenerate his or her liver in just six months. Thankfully, this detox worked for him so well that he hasn’t touched alcohol since then.

Diet Secrets

Apart from giving up on alcohol, he also decided to eat vegan foods only. He terms the meat and dairy-free diet to be amazing. Commenting on the most common problems faced by new vegans, the fear of not finding good food, he said that many vegan dishes and restaurants are great. He also added that vegetables do taste great when the chef is an expert.

Workout Secrets

As no weight loss initiative can begin without exercising, the actor is also working out regularly now.

Previous Diet Indulgence

Though the comedian likes being a vegan, he misses having mac and cheese sometimes.

Need for Weight Loss

Craig’s decision to lose weight was a wise one because only a few months back, his weight was going out of control and he was heading towards some serious health issues, even premature death. Sources reported that he was overeating a lot and his weight exceeded the 300-pound mark.

It may sound like The Office (2005-2013) actor just let his weight out of control but that wasn’t the case. An insider close to the star had shared that he tried to eat right and exercise many times in the past, but he wasn’t consistent and every time, went back to the bad habit of eating fast foods that have high calories and no nutritional value. The insider also thought that such habits might kill him one day.

A Bad Habit

Apart from health issues, the singer has also had addiction problems and was involved with drugs. In 2008 and 2013, he also had brush up with the legal authorities regarding the same. A medical expert even said that a person with drug abuse issues and excess weight could be referred to as a ticking time bomb. But now, things seem to be better at this end too.

Inspiring Kids

Apart from enjoying a healthy lifestyle now, Robinson has also added author to his credentials. He wrote a book for kids Jake the Fake Keeps It Real to inspire kids aged 8-12 to face their fears and learn to live in the moment. The book tells the story of a boy who pretends to be skilled in art and music when he is not as good as his classmates.

The Sausage Party (2016) actor says that the book will teach a child never to be afraid of trying new experiences in life. His idea of writing a book might be related to his past profession as he was working at Horace Mann Elementary in Chicago as a K-8 music teacher before he sought a full-time career in comedy.

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