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Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Routine Diet Plan

Cristiano Ronaldo is a renowned Portuguese footballer and one of the world’s most admirable football icons. At an age of only 28, he turned out to be a hero and an emulator for many youth globally. His transfer to Real Madrid from Manchester United made him the most expensive footballer worldwide. His impressive looks characterized by a 6-pack ab, muscular but lean body and 84 kg frame reinforce his fame and attraction to potential admirers. However, he attributes these characteristics to his comprehensive dietary and workout routine as described below.

  • Layout

The focus, which is precedence, in this case is gaining optimal endurance. Cristiano’s workout schedule comprises of a 5 day training every week. The scheduling depends on the already stipulated gaming. Each of the session takes about 3 to 5 hours. Essentially, the exercises enhance a strong core, balance as well as flexibility.

  • Lowering fat is the key

Cristiano proudly derides of a 6 pack and a low fat body to an extent of 10%. Cristiano ensures his meal has low junk foods, which may contain fats.  In addition, he is not a heavy drinker and his breakfast contains fruits, whole grains as well as natural juices. The lunch is composed of fresh salads, vegetables, chicken and fish. The supper is similar with alteration in protein types. Instead of fish, the supper may consist of lean meat. To provide fats in the body, Cristiano prefers to go for salads, which provide carbohydrates rather than sugary foods that increase fats in the body.

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout

  • Sufficient proteins

Cristiano takes good amount of proteins that are important for bodybuilding. Sports, such as soccer as well as athletics result to wear and tear of the body vessels, which must be repaired properly and it is the role of proteins to repair such vessels. In addition to protein-providing foods such as fish and meat, Cristiano takes supplements that provide adequate proteins. He takes a considerable amount of proteins prior to attending any training session. Proteins are important in enhancing the tone of the muscle and energy (strength) during the training. Proteins, as well, enhance flexibility and agility of the player for long time during the playing time.

  • Physical exercise

The football hunk attends training sessions about 5 times per week. Prior to starting on these sessions, Cristiano takes warm-ups by running around the pitch for some minutes. He, as well, attends weight lifting sessions twice or thrice per week. Other kinds of exercises include squats, bench press, press-ups and box jumps. Squatting enhances the flexibility and strength of the player. He takes squatting sessions in the course of every day training sessions. It is also an important exercise before any match. To strengthen the action of his hands’ muscles, Cristiano does press-ups during every training session. Strength and action of the hand muscles is important in enhancing stability and balance of the player during the game. Cristiano also exercises by leg raising, push-ups and lat pull down.

  • Rest and relaxing

Cristiano has publicly said that he is not a heavy drinker like most of his fellow footballers. While others go out to towns for drinks and enjoyment, Cristiano takes a long rest with his family. He also loves to swim, which he mostly does during his free times. He spends a good time with his family, which reduces chances of stress. As such, Cristiano leads stress-free life; this is why he is able to perform as an excellent player.

From the preceding workout regime and diet plan, it is clear that being a successful sportsman in soccer, for example, does not depend on training and physical sessions. It depends on the lifestyle of the player or the person himself such as eating habits as well as social interaction. A player must take low-fat but high energy providing foods. If you too want to stay healthy and fit like a sportsperson then you can follow the workout and diet plan of Cristiano or make your own plan with your trainer and dietitian.

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