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Dan Brown Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Born Name

Daniel Brown

Nick Name

Dan Brown

Dan Brown face closeup

Sun Sign


Born Place

Exeter, New Hampshire, U.S.


Dan Brown currently resides at Rye, New Hampshire




Dan Brown has completed his graduation from Phillips Exeter Academy, where his father was a Mathematics teacher.

He attended the Amherst College and graduated in 1986. In between, he spent a year (1985) at the University of Seville, Spain, where he was enrolled as a student of art history course.


Novelist, casual singer-songwriter (to produce children’s cassette, etc.)


  • Father – Richard G. Brown (Mathematics Teacher at Phillips Exeter Academy)
  • Mother – Constance “Connie” Brown (Singer and Musician)
  • Sibling – Valerie Brown (Younger Sister), Gregory Brown (Younger Brother)


Dan Brown is associated with Sanford Greenburger Associates (Literary Agency), New York.


Thriller, adventure, conspiracy, mystery




5 ft 9 in or 175 cm


68 kg or 150 lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

Dan Brown has been married to –

  • Blythe Newlon (1997-Present) – The couple met at National Academy of Songwriters when Dan Brown had joined it in the year 1991. Blythe is 12 years senior to the writer and was at that time, the Academy’s Director of Artist Development. She helped him achieve success for many of his projects during that time. Finally, the couple moved to New Hampshire together and married in 1997.

Dan Brown and Blythe Newlon
Dan Brown and Blythe Newlon

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color

Golden Brown

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Writing Features

  • Codes, Ciphers, Cryptography and Puzzles
  • Strong Female Characters
  • Interesting Settings
  • 24-Hour Time Frame
  • Treasure Hunts


Dan Brown’s specific body measurements are not known. His body specifications may be –

  • Chest – 40 in or 102 cm
  • Arms / Biceps – 13 in or 33 cm
  • Waist – 34 in or 87 cm

Shoe Size

Dan Brown’s shoe size is not known.

Brand Endorsements

Dan Brown has not been involved in brand endorsements.

Dan Brown standing in a classroom
Dan Brown standing in a classroom


Dan Brown was raised an Episcopalian but drifted away from Christianity at a younger age.

However, he had found renewed faith in Christianity which is also reflected in his writings.

Best Known For

Dan Brown is best known for his thriller fiction The Da Vinci Code, which was published in 2003.

First Book

Dan Brown’s first book was 187 Men to Avoid: A Survival Guide for the Romantically Frustrated Woman (1995), which was co-written with his wife.

His first solo book was ‘Digital Fortress’ which was published in 1998.

First Film Adaptation

Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code was adapted for film with the same title. It was released in 2006 by Columbia Pictures.

First Screen Appearance

Dan Brown has appeared in many TV series among which Today, aired in 2003 was the first to feature him.

Dan Brown has also appeared in an uncredited role of concert-goer in the 2005 movie ‘Be Cool.’

Personal Trainer

The writer has not employed any personal trainer to keep himself fit. Instead, he believes in healthy living. As a writer, he feels that writing needs a particular discipline. Hence, he maintains a fixed routine in order to keep his mental and physical health in its peak.

The writer wakes up at 4 a.m. and sits to write, since, he feels that these are the most productive hours without distractions. He keeps an hourglass on his desk so that he can keep a check on every hour. After an hour, he takes a short break to do push-ups, sit-ups and stretches to keep his body in shape. This routine also helps his ideas to flourish and they keep flowing in.

Dan Brown

Dan Brown Favorite Things

  • Books – Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid (By Douglas Hofstadter), Codes Ciphers and Other Cryptic and Clandestine Communication (By Fred Wrixon), Of Mice and Men (By John Steinbeck), Wordplay: Ambigrams and Reflections on the Art of Ambigrams (By John Langdon), Much Ado About Nothing (By Shakespeare), The Puzzle Palace (By James Bamford), Kane and Abel (By Jeffrey Archer), Plum Island (By Nelson DeMille), The Elements of Style (By Strunk and White), and The Bourne Identity Series (By Ludlum).
  • Films – Fantasia, Life is Beautiful, Annie Hall, Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet, Indiana Jones, the Pink Panther series
  • Gift – Leather-bound copy of the Oxford English Dictionary
  • Music – Spanish singer Franco de Vita, The Gypsy Kings, Enya, Sarah Mclachlan, and Vanessa Carlton
  • Inspiration – Sidney Sheldon
  • Sports – Tennis
SourceWikipedia, Book Browse

Dan Brown Facts

  1. He sits in his loft for writing and sometimes uses inversion therapy to get free of the writer’s block. He uses gravity boots to hang himself upside down.
  2. As a musician, Dan Brown had composed and performed “Phiano.” This soundtrack was used in ‘The Da Vinci Code.’
  3. Dan Brown has been into charity since long. In October 2004, he and his siblings donated US$2.2 million to Phillips Exeter Academy in honor of their father. The Richard G. Brown Technology Endowment has been set up to help “provide computers and high-tech equipment for students in need.”
  4. The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation has also been funded by the writer and his wife Blythe Newlon.
  5. Dan Brown and his wife created a scholarship fund at the Amherst College on April 14, 2011, whose income will provide financial support to students, with preference given to those, who have an interest in writing.
  6. Dan Brown’s novels have been very popular and translated as well as published in more than 40 languages in the world.
  7. Dan was placed at #10 in the 100 Celebrity list in 2006 by Forbes magazine.
  8. In an interview, Dan has expressed his desire to write 12 future books that will feature Robert Langdon.
  9. The characters of Brown’s novels have been named after real people in his life. The hero of his popular novels, Robert Langdon is named after John Langdon. John is an artist, who had created the ambigrams used within the novel and CD ‘Angels & Demons.’
  10. Before starting his writing career, Brown had taken up teaching at Phillips Exeter Academy in 1993. He also delivered Spanish classes at Lincoln Akerman School in Hampton Falls.
  11. He can play synthesizer and piano.
  12. He made his own record company called “Dalliance” in the late 1980s.
  13. Dan has also served as a teacher at Beverly Hills Preparatory School in the past.
  14. The author took up musical career casually after graduating from Amherst College. He had produced a cassette called “SynthAnimals,” targeting the kids.
  15. Dan Brown can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, Official Website.

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