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Dan Osborne Workout Routine for Inspiring Fans

Dan Osborne official calendar.
Dan Osborne official calendar

Dan Osborne is a talented actor and a doting father. He has also turned into a fitness fanatic lately who is working out like anything to get a well-toned body. Moreover, he is constantly inspiring his fans to hit the gym hard by sharing his progress through Instagram where he has 723k followers as of now. Here, we have a look at his fitness journey and his attempts to inspire his fans to stay fit.

Workout Routine

The workout routine of the hot actor has changed a lot over time. He has changed his personal trainer too. Last year, the actor was working out under the guidance of personal trainer, Sunny Khela. He was capable of doing 160 bench presses and was working out 5 days a week then, according to Mirror.

Dan Osborne workout
Dan Osborne running workout

The latest workout routine of The Only Way Is Essex or TOWIE (2010-Present) actor includes working out different parts of his body in different training sessions. One day, he concentrates on back and biceps and the next session is devoted to chest and triceps.

Learning from the New Trainer

The current personal trainer of the hunk is Luke Hayter who interestingly is also the trainer of fellow former TOWIE star Sam Faiers. Dan admits that he has learnt a lot from Luke as Luke guided him on the importance of setting a goal, training in the right manner and improving his nutritional habits.

Dan Osborne with his kid
Dan Osborne with his kid

Training as an Addiction

The star also admitted that training has become an addiction for him and it’s the best addiction he has till date. He also looks forward to training on Mondays when he finishes up for the week on Fridays. (That’s definitely a good habit Dan)

How much to Work Out?

Osborne thinks that people should sweat a lot after a workout and if you are not sweating enough, you are not doing it right. He wants his fans to go back and sweat some more as sweating is a reliable way to measure hard work in a gym. His mantra for the fans is “Go hard or go home.” (We think it’s very cool, what do you say?)

No Steroids

Dan Osborne sweaty after a workout
Dan Osborne sweaty after a workout

Mirror recently reported that the father of two lovely children, Ella and Teddy is training very hard in the gym without taking help of any steroids. When a fan recently asked him about the use of steroids to beef up his body, he said that he is absolutely not using any steroids. He even called the instance a compliment as it shows that his body equals those who use steroids.

The Progress

The progress of the TV personality has been satisfactory. He is 6’5″, 17 stone (or 238 pounds) now and it’s taken a lot of hard work to get here. He is happy with his work till date but his goal is too far yet. He is not going to stop working hard until he achieves the size of “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson.

No One can Stop You If You Are Determined

Jacqueline Jossa and TOWIE beau Dan Osborne
Jacqueline Jossa and TOWIE beau Dan Osborne

The fiancé of EastEnders (1985-Present) actress Jacqueline Jossa thinks that anyone can reach their goal if they want it enough and if they are ready to work very hard constantly to achieve it.

Inspiring Others

Daily Mail recently reported that the Essex born has created a step-by-step fitness handbook, that’s available in ebook format and is entitled “The Training Guide.” He created this ebook with the help of his trainer Luke Hayter. The book aims to help people get the physique they want by learning from the progress of the TV actor.

Dan Osborne working out
Dan Osborne working out his triceps doing “dips”

The Compliment

Luke praised his client and said that TV celebrity has improved his training sessions and eating habits a lot which has helped in his progress. The trainer was also sure that Dan will definitely achieve his fitness goals in the future because he is on the right track.

Want more details on Dan Osborne fitness and his future workout plans? Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram or check out his useful website regularly.

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