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David Beckham’s Former Trainer Tegan Haining on Workout and Diet

Tegan Haining Diet Plan, Morning Workout, Weight Loss Advice, and Winter Fitness Tips 2018

Tegan Haining is one of those celebrity trainers who aim to make life simple for their client and fans. She has devised many workout strategies that help people to stay fit with minimal efforts and in the least amount of time. If you are one of her fans, you would be delighted to know her diet plan and morning workout mentioned here. You can also learn a lot from the weight loss advice and winter beauty tips that she has shared. Read on to know it all.

Tegan Haining in a mirror selfie in November 2018
Tegan Haining in a mirror selfie in November 2018 (Tegan Haining / Instagram)

Diet Plan

Morning Snack

Tegan starts her mornings at 6 a.m. and has 2 glasses of water and a snack of half an avocado or dry roasted almonds or some apple slices with peanut butter. This pre-breakfast meal is essential because it helps her train her clients at 6:30 a.m.


She has her breakfast at around 8:30 a.m. which includes a berry smoothie loaded with some blueberries, ice, a cup of coconut milk, and one scoop Vegan BCS Naturals protein powder. On some days, she changes the breakfast to 2 scrambled eggs with some coffee and 2 slices of toasted Spring Wholefoods Bread that’s loaded with organic butter.

Mid-Morning Snack

At 8:30 a.m., she takes St John’s Wort and B vitamins and at 10:30 a.m., she has a mid-morning snack of hummus with carrot or cucumber slices. Once a week, she does Pilates at 9:30 a.m.


She practices strength training twice a week and yoga once a week at 12 p.m. After an hour, she enjoys a lunch of a big salad that has loads of vegetables, some brown rice or roasted sweet potato, and a protein source like fish or chicken. When she can’t prepare a meal, she orders a Poke Bowl that’s loaded with kale.

Tegan Haining enjoying a shake
Tegan Haining enjoying a shake (Tegan Haining / Instagram)

Afternoon Snack

At 3 p.m., she enjoys some rice cakes with tomato slices and mashed avocados. Sometimes, she snacks on sliced banana topped with cinnamon and a bit of natural peanut butter.


At 7 p.m., she has a dinner of cauliflower rice, grilled salmon, and steamed green beans. Another alternative is mashed sweet potato, steamed broccoli, and grilled chicken. Dessert usually includes a bowl of yogurt with fresh berries and some sugar-free granola or a Banjo Carob Bear (with no added sugar) and chai tea. She also takes vitamin C powder before hitting the bed.

Morning Workout

The morning workout of the diva includes repeating 5 sets of –

  • 15 hand walk out to push-ups
  • 30 forward and back lunges (15 each leg)
  • 20 oblique twists
  • 30 supermans (15 each leg)
  • 30 step back lunge with knee raise (15 each leg)
  • 20 bicycle crunches

How to Lose Weight During the Winter?

If you want to lose some extra pounds this winter before the holidays season to look good or after the holiday season to pay for your indulgences, then you should adopt the following tips by Haining.

  • Calorie Control

You should eat a low-calorie diet of 500-600 calories a day twice a week and ensure that the foods are consumed within an 8-hour window.

  • Love that Salad

Eating a salad or fresh vegetables is highly recommended because they allow you to consume a good amount of foods without increasing your calorie intake while providing your body with all the nutrients it needs.

  • Move More

Many people like to spend their winters buried under the quilt. If you are among them, you should compensate for it by moving for 30 minutes extra, be it by walking or running. Also, make sure that you commute to work by walking and walk a bit during lunch time as well.

  • The Coffee Switch

If you find yourself drinking too much sugar-laden coffee, you should replace it with piccolo or a low-calorie tea. In case you can’t give it up, change the time you have your milk coffee to boost your metabolism.

  • Cheat Occasionally

You should also cheat now and then with a few drinks, a larger meal or with that slice of cake you had wanted. This will help you to remain focused and not think of indulging all the time.

Weight Loss Secrets

The fitness guru has also shared some weight loss secrets that work best for the last few pounds you need to lose to look great and feel good. They are –

  • De-stress

One of the most common things you need to consider when you are unable to lose the last few pounds is stress. When you stress, cortisol hormone is released and it leads to holding on more fat in your abdominal area. Take a few moments during the day to take some calming breaths and you’ll be able to lower the stress levels.

Tegan Haining working out at Fitness Culture Bondi in November 2018
Tegan Haining working out at Fitness Culture Bondi in November 2018 (Tegan Haining / Instagram)
  • Do Resistance Exercises

Though cardio is good for burning fat, it burns fat only till you are exercising. When you stop, the fat burning process also stops. So, if you want to keep on burning fat, you should do resistance exercises. Lift as much weight as possible and do 10-12 reps of each exercise before doing the next one.

  • Rest for a While

Don’t push yourself too much in the gym and give your body the rest it needs. Rest for 30 seconds between the exercises to give your body the time it needs to recover. When you rest, you get oxygen back into the muscles and regain strength and hence you get the most from an exercise session.

  • Sleep Right

You should sleep by 10 p.m. every night and wake up early in the morning, by 6. It will help you to stay happy, energized, and have a productive day. When you sleep right, the growth hormones which help in burning fat to achieve a lean body are released. That’s why you should get adequate sleep. If you have a habit of sleeping late, gradually reduce the time by 15 minutes each day until you hit the 10 p.m. goal.

  • No Scales

When you lose fat and gain muscle, your weight might remain the same. So, you should not weigh yourself but map your progress with a measuring tape or how you fit into your clothes.

Tegan Haining as seen while working out in September 2017
Tegan Haining as seen while working out in September 2017 (Tegan Haining / Instagram)
  • Numbers Matter

When you are indulging, count the number of items you consume. Many people say that they consume 4 squares of dark chocolate every day, but are still not losing weight. In such cases, you should do the math and see that you are having 28 pieces a week, which is a lot. So, you should try to reduce it to 2 pieces a day and it will come down to 14 pieces a week.

  • Don’t Pressurize Yourself Too Much

If you have a hectic job, don’t set goals like exercising 2 hours a day every day. Remember that you can get desired results even by working out for 3 hours a week if you do the right exercises. So, set goals you can meet and don’t pressurize yourself too much.

Featured Image by Tegan Haining / Instagram

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