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Davie504 Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Davie504 Quick Info
Height 6 ft 7 in
Weight 87 kg
Date of Birth April 5, 1994
Zodiac Sign Aries
Girlfriend Drungayuuu

Davie504 is an Italian multi-instrumentalist and social media star, best known for his YouTube channel of the same name, which has amassed a fanbase of more than 6.5 million subscribers.

Born Name

Davide Biale

Nick Name


Davie504 in an Instagram post as seen in February 2020
Davie504 in an Instagram post as seen in February 2020 (Davie504 / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Savona, Italy


Italian nationality



In 2016, he studied Music Production at a college in London, England, United Kingdom.


Multi-Instrumentalist, Social Media Star


Davie504 self-represents his career.


Groove, Funk, Jazz, Rock


Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Guitar, Keyboards




6 ft 7 in or 200.5 cm


87 kg or 192 lbs

Davie504 as seen in October 2019
Davie504 as seen in October 2019 (Davie504 / Instagram)

Girlfriend / Spouse

Davie504 has dated –

  1. Drungayuuu (2014-Present) – He started dating a Taiwanese social media star and bassist in April 2014.

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Davie504 in an Instagram post in July 2019
Davie504 in an Instagram post in July 2019 (Davie504 / Instagram)

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Towering height
  • Moles on his chin, nose, and cheek

Brand Endorsements

Davie504 has endorsed brands such as Amnesia Guitars.

Davie504 Favorite Things

  • Bassists – Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Gene Simmons
  • Video Games – Crash Bandicoot, GTA III: San Andreas
  • Color – Green
  • Superhero – Spiderman

SourceYouTube, YouTube, YouTube

Davie504 as seen in December 2019
Davie504 as seen in December 2019 (Davie504 / Instagram)

Davie504 Facts

  1. He was born on the day Kurt Cobain committed suicide.
  2. His YouTube username was created in anger. He tried Davie1, Davie2, Davie3, Davie503, and they were all taken. He finally entered Davie504 and it worked.
  3. His inspiration to pick up a bass guitar was playing a video game Grand Theft Auto III – San Andreas. Davie504 heard one of the songs from the game soundtrack, Strutter (1974) played by the band Kiss. He then found a live version where the band’s bassist, Gene Simmons, performed a great bass solo and got very interested.
  4. He initially bought a video game Guitar Hero so he could play the song. When he discovered that Strutter wasn’t in the game, he bought a bass guitar named Crafter Cruzer and started playing in November 2009.
  5. Davie504 is completely self-taught and has only used YouTube for tutorials and inspiration.
  6. He started playing the guitar in late 2011. He also briefly tried drums but isn’t very good and doesn’t sing.
  7. One of the biggest turning points for his YouTube channel was PewDiePie giving him a shoutout in 2013, which caused a surge in his subscriber number.
  8. In 2016, he owned 9 different bass guitars. He had 4 that he used most often – Chowny Bass, FleaBass, and Jazz Bass, the last of which is his all-time favorite.
  9. His YouTube channel reached a fanbase of 1 million subscribers on October 30, 2017.
  10. For a 4 million subscribers milestone, on September 24, 2019, he published a video titled Italian Voice Reveal. He spoke in some of his earliest videos but wasn’t too confident about his pronunciation and preferred to adopt a silent personality.
  11. On October 4, 2019, he competed and won against a fellow bass player, Charles Berthoud, who challenged him to a bass battle.
  12. Davie504, with the help of Amnesia Guitars, created the world’s 1st bass guitar built out of a YouTube Gold Play Button in November 2019.
  13. He also collaborated with Seth Everman, a fellow YouTuber in November 2019. Seth, who is bald, played his body double to prank Davie504’s audience that he had shaved his head.
  14. At 5 million subscribers, on December 23, 2019, he published a video titled Laugh Reveal.
  15. He has collaborated with YouTubers such as Rob Scallon, Roomie, and Viaceslav Svedov.
  16. He refers to his fanbase as “Slappers”. This is a reference to a bass guitar technique called slapping or popping.
  17. The software that he uses most often is Ableton Live, Final Cut Pro/X, and Pro Tools.
  18. Davie504 ate pineapple pizza and removed his headphones at the milestone of his YouTube channel reaching 6 million subscribers on March 4, 2020.
  19. He has played both a 0-string bass guitar and a 36-string bass guitar.
  20. Davie504 prefers a 4-string bass guitar over the bass guitars with 5 or 6 strings.
  21. He doesn’t like Doritos.
  22. As of March 2020, Davie504 has never tried marijuana.
  23. He has amassed a fanbase of more than 600k followers on Instagram.

Featured Image by Davie504 / Instagram

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