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Denise van Outen Diet Plan and Workout Routine

With radiant skin and sculpted figure, Denise van Outen is one of the celebs who are always in uproar for their curvaceous figures. Mom of one admits that she remains watchful both about her diet and exercises to keep up her body in pristine shape. And like every other woman, she too ends up having bulked up tummy when she switches to careless lifestyle. Let’s have a look at her diet and exercise routine which are accountable for her statuesque figure.

Workouts with Personal Trainer

Denise van Outen running with her personal trainer, Nicole Waterman
Denise van Outen running with her personal trainer, Nicole Waterman.

While being monitored by her fitness instructor, Nicki Waterman, Denise practices diverse workouts in routine. She being a big fan of boxing performs the workout with her personal trainer in routine and reckons that the vigorous workout renders her fit and healthy body. Aside from providing her slender body, boxing is also an excellent weapon to her which she can use for self-defense in difficult situations.

And instead of counting on numerous hours of workouts, the brunette (dyed blonde) opts for twenty minutes of high intensity workouts, which surely save ample amount of her time for other activities. While executing workouts for five to six days in a week, Denise gives her one day off to render complete rest to her body.

Two Minute Movers Workout

Aside from the regular exercises, Denise also counts on two minute movers workout which has her do power walk in the intervals. The workout being stress-free and convenient can easily be practiced at home. To acquire swifter results, she combines running with interval training. It’s the influence of two minute movers workout only that she could strip off baby bump past the birth of her child and render herself sleeker look.

Denise van Outen working out with her personal trainer, Nicole Waterman
Denise van Outen working out with her personal trainer, Nicole Waterman.

Inclination to Dance

Denise being inclined to dance has also released couple of dance DVDs where she can be seen giving valuable tips to her fans to stay in shape with dancing. The bombshell has made sure that she keeps the dance steps simple so that her fans don’t face any difficulty in adhering to them. Aside from being a great cardio workout, these workout (dance steps) shall also turn out like fun activity to fans.

Denise van Outen dancing

Balanced and Wholesome Diet

The stunner abides by balanced and wholesome diet for six days. Instead of eating highly processed foods, she prefers eating freshly grown organic fruits and veggies which are immune from harmful chemicals and are packed with vital nutrients. Besides that, she eats low GI foods which further keep check on her blood sugar level and thus save her from becoming victim of inflammatory reactions. However, she allows her one cheat day in a week on which she relishes her beloved foods such as desserts, red wine, latte etc. Her adherence to cheat days keeps her from consuming tempting high calorie or fatty foods for rest of the week.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Denise shares, she seldom stopped adhering to healthy diet and workouts even when she was pregnant. She walked daily for several minutes and performed light exercises. Her active lifestyle helped her not to pack up unsolicited pounds during pregnancy. Besides rendering workout to her body, long walks also relaxed her mind.

Reliance on Detox Plan

Besides following very wholesome and nutrient dense diet most of the time, Denise also believes in detox plan. She purges her body from harmful toxins by following it once in two to three months. Here is one of the samples of the typical detox plan she follows.

Breakfast – Porridge with fresh fruits such as anti-oxidant loaded strawberries, blueberries, having linseeds and opulent content of omega 3 fatty acids sprinkled over it.

Snacks – Pieces of pineapple, freshly prepared orange juice, handful of almonds etc.

Lunch – Chicken caesar salad topped with lettuce.

Dinner – Grilled fish with bountiful veggies, green beans, spinach, seasonal asparagus etc.

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