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DJ Steve Aoki Fitness Secrets

Steve Aoki is one of the most popular and highly paid DJs of the world as he manages to do 300 gigs a year and is paid heavily for his efforts. Despite being so busy, he takes time out of his schedule to stay fit and look great. How does he manage it? Let’s have a look.

Steve Aoki playing at Future Music Festival, Randwick, Sydney in Australia in 2013
Steve Aoki playing at Future Music Festival, Randwick, Sydney in Australia in 2013 (Eva Rinaldi / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Dedication

The dedication level of the star can be judged by an incident that he shared recently. Some time back, he parked his car in a dark road in rural Poland at 11.55 p.m. just to get a few pushups in. He stopped his car at a lonely road with farmland and pastures all around him to save USD 100 that he would have to pay otherwise (a self-imposed fine) if he didn’t work out that day or didn’t do at least 100 push-ups. This crazy training spot and the timing should give you some idea of how dedicated he is towards fitness.

Aoki Bootcamp

Another thing that testifies his dedication to fitness is that the DJ has created a boot camp in which a set of workouts are done by him and his tourmates. A typical boot camp is a stripped down CrossFit workout of the day, but it doesn’t involve any heavyweights. The workout involves basic moves that can be done anywhere like pikes, squats, burpees, and pushups.

Go to Moves

The go-to moves of the celebrity are squats and high-intensity interval training. They include a lot of power, short intervals and are quick and hard.

DJ Steve Aoki and singer Tony Bennett together in 2018
DJ Steve Aoki and singer Tony Bennett together in 2018 (Steve Aoki / Instagram)

The Fame

When he started off the boot camp, he didn’t expect it to become so popular. He had doubts whether people would do it or not. He also didn’t get any feedback instantly, so he didn’t realize that it could become so popular so soon.

The Inspiring Incident

The music personality realized that his fitness efforts had a broad impact than he thought when a fan met him before a show and told him that she had lost 26 pounds and felt healthier than ever before, thanks to his exercises. This incident inspired him to become more of a coach who helps people get access to free exercising methods like Tae Bo.

The Fee

Aoki has boosted his own and his tourmates accountability towards exercises by imposing a fine that everyone has to pay if they skip a workout. The money goes to Aoki Foundation that supports organizations which organize brain science research and work towards humanitarian causes. He is so dedicated to this rule that he paid USD 40,000 recently. The self-imposed fine also helps him to inspire young guys who don’t donate often.

Music for Workouts

The record producer feels great when he sees so many people are using his music when doing workouts. He feels glad that he creates high-intensity stuff that makes them work harder. Steve also feels glad to see that his music is a vital part of the choreographed dance culture.

No Excuses Ever

The American electro house musician also says that if you want to try his workouts, you should have a ‘no excuses ever’ attitude and you must be dedicated to no holds barred training. His workouts are not meant for people who make excuses to skip a workout often.

Steve Aoki underwater as seen in April 2018
Steve Aoki underwater as seen in April 2018 (Steve Aoki / Instagram)

Workout Routine

A typical workout day of Steve can include exercises such as 25 jackknives, 25 burpee squat jumps, 25 pushups, 25 wall balls and a 1-mile run that is repeated 3 times.

The Fitness Goal

Aoki is always looking to connect with different people around the world in such a way that would make them feel good about themselves.

Workout Gear

While working out, Steve likes to put on his Asics HyperGEL shoes, Asics leggings under the shorts and carry an apple watch that lets him know how much he has improved. He has also created an Aoki boot camp playlist that’s full of high-energy songs which he hears via speakers while working out. He also carries a foam roller wherever he goes because he thinks it’s vital for recovery post a workout session.

Pre-Workout Meal

The pre-workout shake he likes to drink is a protein drink. He also has a protein-rich meal which includes eggs or fish before a workout to avoid having unhealthy meals when on the road.

Featured Image by Eva Rinaldi / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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