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Drew Harrisberg Diet Plan and Health Tips

Drew Harrisberg has donned many roles in life. He is a singer-songwriter, an exercise physiologist, a sports scientist, and a Fitbit Ambassador. But, more than anything, he is among the biggest advocates of diabetes awareness and an icon for those dealing with the disease because he has proven that you can live a healthy life even with diabetes and manage it via exercise. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 22 and he overhauled his lifestyle to keep blood sugar levels in control. Here, you can know his exact diet plan and some health tips that he has shared which might help you to fight this deadly disease with as much ease as Drew.

Drew Harrisberg with his dog Dennis in November 2018
Drew Harrisberg with his dog Dennis in November 2018 (Drew Harrisberg / Instagram)

The 80/20 Rule Works

Like many celebrities, Harrisberg agrees that the 80/20 rule of diet works in real life. He says that if you want to make the most of it, you should not indulge in artificial, highly processed or refined foods during 20 percent of times. Instead, you should choose healthier versions of pizzas, pancakes, nut butter, and dark chocolate. During the 80 percent of the time, you should stick to real and whole foods. If you had a salad for lunch but follow it up with a doughnut then you are clearly ruining your effort.

How to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season?

If you want to stay healthy during the holiday season, you should remember the following tips shared by the handsome hunk that will keep you on the fitness track.

Have a Healthy Morning

You should start your morning by waking up with the sun, avoiding your phone, going for a walk, doing some exercise, and just enjoying nature. Then, you should have a healthy breakfast. This routine will prepare you to deal with the stress of day to day life in a better way.

Drew Harrisberg running shirtless at Temescal Canyon in November 2018
Drew Harrisberg running shirtless at Temescal Canyon in November 2018 (Drew Harrisberg / Instagram)

Walk After Every Meal

Walk after every meal that you consume because it will prevent an energy crash and allow you to burn off a few calories. It will also help you to avoid feeling sleepy after a meal and, hence, you won’t crave naps during the day. Walking also creates a healthy blood sugar and insulin response to the meal and, hence, helps you control sugar cravings.

Snack Right

If you have the habit of snacking throughout the day, make sure that you work for it. So, whenever you feel hungry, do a small exercise session of 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 10 bench dips, and 10 step ups and have a workout snack. Doing so will boost your metabolism, enhance insulin sensitivity, and improve the production of fat-burning enzymes such as lipoprotein lipase that might not be stimulated if you remain seated throughout the day.

Managing Diabetes

The popular person has admitted that after being diagnosed with diabetes, he made it his life goal to learn about nutrition which helped him to learn about the food groups that affected his blood sugar levels. It has also let him find ways to reduce overall insulin requirements and work on insulin sensitivity. Thanks to the new approach, he has been able to reduce insulin requirements by 70 percent.

Apart from nutrition, exercise also plays a key role as he uses exercise to maintain his blood sugar levels. The amount of training that he does to control diabetes has helped him to get in the best physical shape of his life, and he has achieved an athletic body that he loves. So, in a way, managing diabetes with lifestyle changes has altered his life for the better.

Diet Plan


Drew starts his morning with an herbal tea or turmeric latte. He uses this beverage as a pick me up when needed throughout the day as well.


It usually includes spinach, 3 eggs, avocado, 2 pieces of paleo toast and sauerkraut. The focus is on having breakfast after a morning workout session. If he is too hungry, he eats the breakfast before the session.


Healthy treats like seeds, berries, and full-fat yogurt are his snacking indulgence.

Drew Harrisberg as seen while working out in October 2018
Drew Harrisberg as seen while working out in October 2018 (Drew Harrisberg / Instagram)

Lunch and Dinner

These meals usually include a lot of vegetables and some amounts of fish or lean meat. He limits the amounts of carbs on the days he is not training.

Diet Indulgence

When in a mood to indulge, especially during the holiday season, he likes to have a few pieces of dark chocolate or a special grain and gluten-free banana bread and carrot cake.

Foods to Avoid

Some of the food items that he has eliminated from his diet are processed fats, gluten, and refined sugars. This change has brought in amazing results because he now has better skin, healthy hair, and has lost some weight as well. These changes also prevent him from being a victim of health conditions such as shin splints.

Featured Image by Drew Harrisberg / Instagram

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