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Elle Macpherson’s Trainer’s Workout and Diet Secrets

Nicola Addison in her gym sitting on an exercise ball
Nicola Addison in her gym, sitting on an exercise ball

When you look at celebrities like Elle Macpherson, Erin O’Connor, Gemma Cairney, Jade Parfitt and Daisy Lowe, you often wonder what makes them look so stunning. Many people assume that one thing cannot keep all of them fit but their trainer Nicola Addison believes that it all comes down to weightlifting. Strength training by using heavy weights does wonders and helps achieve a supermodel body. She has also shared 5 simple steps to take if you wish to build enviable abs. Read it all here.

Benefits of Strength Training

The talented trainer thinks that strength training has the capacity to turn your body into a calorie burning machine. Muscle (protein) is metabolically active which means it can burn energy even if you are at rest by increasing your basal metabolic rate. Hence, greater the mass of active muscles, the more calories one can burn, during workouts and even when you stop.

Elle Macpherson ELLE Australia 2016 Cover
Elle Macpherson for ELLE Australia 2016 Cover

Nicola’s Formula

Nicola believes that if you lift heavy weights, it would work more of your muscles which will lead to more strength. Increased strength would assist with building more muscles and reduce the body fat.

Training Celebrities

The fitness expert trains with most of her clients from 2 to 3 times a week. Some clients prefer training every day while some also prefer once a week training. All the sessions last for 60 minutes and she pushes each client depending on how the client is feeling and their current phase. Most of the celeb clients workout for a specific result so their workouts are more focused and periodic.

Achieving A Celebrity Body

Hard work and persistence is the key to achieving a body like a celebrity. Most celebs do not have a perfect body, they work hard and remain persistent for a long period of time to get the results, most people envy. You should try it too.

Elle Macpherson lean body
Elle Macpherson lean body

Exercise for All Round Fitness

She does compound movements in which a person works lots of joints and muscles simultaneously. Her favorite is actually the crawling exercises.

Fat- Busting Advice

Exercise regularly if you want to see best results.

Preferred Strength Exercise

The squat is the best strength training exercise as it burns a lot of calories by working several joints and muscles.

Cardio-Weights Ratio

It depends on the clients and their training phase. Do weight training such as 100 squats and it should bring positive changes in the cardiovascular system as well.

Workout Motivation

To get motivated for workouts, you should start making workouts fun by implementing strategies like doing tug of war instead of a one arm row.

Diet Secrets

The founder of Eqvvs Training, Knightsbridge adopts the famous 80/20 rule of dieting. For five days a week, she sticks to a healthy routine regarding food, stress, sleep and alcohol preferences. For the remaining 20 percent, she enjoys her favorite meals like curry. She even has the odd Malteaser and a drink every Friday night. The best food secret of Nicola is to ensure that you have protein in every meal.

Diet Advice

The London-based trainer thinks that you should try to be consistently good at 80 percent rather than being inconsistently excellent at following 100 percent good diet.

Nicola Addison working out
Nicola Addison working out

Go Slow but Steady

If you are working out regularly but not seeing the results, then you should remember to be consistent and not expect miracles in a few days. You should remember that going slow and steady will get you the results you want over a period of time.

How to Build Abs?

Many people depend on sit-ups & crunches for building the abs but the wellness expert says that it’s not the best way. Though these exercises will tone the muscle on your abdominals, they won’t help you to shift the layer of fat situated around your middle, so the muscles you develop will stay hidden. You should follow these steps to get enviable abs:

  1. Do a lot of weight exercises to build muscles.
  2. Start doing compound workouts that use different joints and muscles at the same time.
  3. Add planks to your workout regime.
  4. Eliminate salt, sugar, processed foods and saturated & trans fat from your diet.
  5. Eat more protein.

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