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Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson Trainer James Duigan Fitness Secrets

James Duigan is the real person behind the clean eating approach, and he is the one who has helped celebrities like Pippa Middleton, Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson and Emilia Clarke be healthier.

Have a look at some of his simple and doable fitness secrets right here. We bet you can stick to them if you put some effort into it as they don’t involve starving or hitting the gym too hard.

Workout Every Week

You don’t need to spend hours in a gym or fitness class daily. Just do a few HIIT workouts every week and a session on Pilates or Yoga. This routine is doable, practical and won’t make you throw up with exertion.

Try Turmeric

There is a turmeric trend going on, and Duigan fully supports it. He says that anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are beneficial and you should try to include it in your cooking. You don’t need to drink it if you don’t like it but adding a dash of it while making a meal is good.

Set Right Food Mindset

You need to have a healthy mindset towards food. If you don’t eat much food or overeat it, then you have a problem that needs to be worked at, on a daily basis.

Failure is Fine

If you fail to work out or overindulged a bit, it’s fine. Start slow, do one thing at a time and learn to accept failure.

Sleep Soundly

You should sleep according to the needs of your body. A good sleep can help you to lose weight, make you feel energized and even boost your mindset.

Stick to Clean Eating

A few people know that James is the Godfather of clean eating because he had started this phenomenon a year back. His food philosophy included having foods that are natural and not unprocessed.

Avoid the Trap

He feels bad that some people who have photogenic skills and social media popularity have turned his idea of clean eating into a dangerous, obsessive and restrictive thing. He has refused to endorse supposed health foods that are not good, such as date balls laden with sugar. Though the sugar might be in the form of honey, coconut palm sugar, etc. but such products are still not healthy and will harm your health goals. You should avoid such food as much as possible.

Control Your Emotions

Try to eat healthy foods as much as possible but you should never be obsessive about it. If you eat unhealthy food because you lost control, then you should not feel guilty or ashamed of it. Accept that you made a mistake and avoid it in the future. Don’t dwell over it as it may lead to a binge, regret and binge cycle.

Make Healthy Eating a Habit

If you really work at avoiding bad foods, you will no longer crave them. A fine example of such a statement is the fitness guru himself. He hasn’t eaten any sugar in the last four years and he calls it an addiction which he beat.

Now, he doesn’t think about unhealthy foods and can easily avoid junk food. Things have reached such a level that the idea of eating unhealthy foods often make him feel uncomfortable. If you want to indulge, you can go for good carbs.

Don’t Exert Too Much

The author hates the fact that some people turn their exercise into a punishment. You should not join any exercise class where people get so involved at hitting it hard that they end the session by throwing up.

Remember the Four Pillars

In essence, the secret to fitness is following the four pillars of health – sleep, movement, nutrition, and mindset. If you stick to these, you will attain good health for long-term and live happily. A major part of his book “Blueprint for Health” is based on these pillars.

Featured Image by James Duigan / Instagram

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