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Emerging Celebrity Diet Plans

Emerging Celebrity Diet Plans

Different celebrities have different ways to endorse their diet plans. With a plethora of various celebrities who are endorsing their radical diet plans, it has become quite a difficult job to understand as to which plan really works and which can be termed as simply a Hollywood gimmick. Following mentioned are some of the best as well as the worst diet plan associated with celebrities that are quite in the news these days along with the way through which one can determine as to which plan will work for you and which will not.

Name of the plan: Juice Cleanses

Follower celebrity: Nicole Richie

How the plan works: This diet plan is also referred to as the 1,200 calorie intake diet plan per day and has been evaluated to replace the meals of everyday with fresh juices that are nutrient packed and which have been manufactured to provide an adequate combination of proteins, vegetables, fruits as well as lots of vitamins. Many celebs prefer this week-long juice cleansing plan so as to beat the swell and to lose a few pounds quickly if any major event approaches.

Her drawback associate with this celebrity diet plan is that although it is a great way to reset the system of the body, however, it cannot be considered as a good substitute of a proper diet. Moreover, this plan can also be quite hard to stick on as you will be relying on liquids only and no intake of alcohol or caffeine is included.

Name of the plan: The Zone Diet

Follower celebrity: Jennifer Aniston

How the plan works: The dieters following this plan tend to intake three regular meals along with two snacks every day. The ratio of balancing the diet includes 30% of fats 40% of carbs and 30% of proteins. The reason for this is to control hunger and to avoid the habit of overeating.

There are various diet plans that focus on reducing fats so the benefit of this diet is offered every element in a very moderate way without the dieter feeling deprived. The drawback of this diet is that the dieter should strictly adhere with the protein, carbs and fat ratio which can be quite demanding when you are having a good day along with being quite stressful if the dieter is having a tired day.

Name of the plan: The Five Factor Diet

Follower celebrity: Eva Mendes

How the plan works: This diet plan has been formulated by a famous fitness guru, Harley Pasternak and includes the dieter to eat five small meals everyday and which will include five elements – fiber, protein, fluid, complex carbs and fats. Moreover, the recipes should also not exceed from more than five ingredients. The best part of this plan is that the dieter receives one cheat day every week in which they can eat any food they fancy a lot.

Similar to those of other diet plans, this one too requires a great deal of willpower so as to adhere with the dietary elements. So until and unless you are all set for serious planning of cooking and meals, trying a plan easier than this one will be preferred.

Name of the plan: The South Beach Diet or the Atkins Diet

Follower celebrity: Nicole Kidman

How the plan works: This plan is quite similar to those of other diet plans – reducing carbs and focusing more on lean proteins. The target of losing weight is achieved rapidly, however, if the dieter falls off the plan it would be quite sustainable.

Name of the plan: Pre Packaged Meal Delivery Plans

Follower celebrity: Eva Longoria, Audrina Patridge and various other celebrities

How the plan works: This diet involves pre-packaged gourmet meals which will provide an intake of about 1,200 calories. Many types of desserts and snacks are also a part of this plan.

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  1. I feel great to see the Jennifer Aniston here. She is my one of the famous celebrity and most of the time I try to follow her best style and all. But this time various Magazine discloses her diet secret and now I will follow her fitness secret also to get the same look as her. Thanks for sharing this!!

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