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Emma Stone Workout and Diet Secrets for Battle of the Sexes

Emma Stone is one of those dedicated film actresses who work hard for each and every film role. She recently sweated in a gym to look great for her upcoming film, Battle of the Sexes (2017) because she stars as Billie Jean King, a tennis legend who needs no introduction. It is reported that she started prepping for the new role just three months after wrapping her critically acclaimed film, La La Land (2016).

Have a look at her workout routine and diet secrets that let her change the way she looks and made her more stunning.

The Helping Hand

To portray a sportsperson on the big screen, she took the assistance of celebrity trainer Jason Walsh who helped her a lot by designing her workouts and modifying her diet.

Workout Routine

Sharing the exact workout routine of the actress, Walsh said that she did two workouts a day and gained 15 lbs. of lean muscle. She gained the muscle by doing loads of weight training exercises. She was also made to push a 200-lbs sled around. Deadlifts were also a part of her exercise regime. Though she couldn’t lift much when she started training, she worked up deadlifting to up to 185 lbs later on.

Jason balanced out Stone’s workout plan by making her do one cardio session for every two strength training sessions. He opines that if one needs to build muscle, strength training should be the foundation of workouts. Keeping the muscles strong will make everything better.

The beauty made use of the VersaClimber which is an old-school climbing machine to complete her 30-minute cardio sessions. Her trainer also recommends running as a reliable exercise when you want to get a cardio session in.

Addictive Workouts

Many people will think that this sort of hard work in the gym was too much for the diva, but that’s far away from the truth. The fact is, she became addicted to the work they did in the gym, especially strength training.

Preparing for the Role

The highest paid actress in the world not only trained her body for the role, but she also learned a lot about Billie Jean King’s life. She watched footage of the sports personality, read her interviews and steeped more in her life’s story. She also learned about the time period, how the time was shifting and how that time was crucial for women and equality.

Lessons Learned

Playing the character of such a strong woman taught the Academy Award Winner to communicate her opinions, especially publicly. Billie is very direct and confident in communicating her thoughts and what she thinks is right. Stepping into her shoes was a powerful experience for Emma. Though it was not entirely comfortable, she thinks it was a great part about playing this role.

Diet Secrets

The Arizona-born made a crucial diet change that helped in achieving results in the gym. It’s quite simple. She had protein drinks post workouts, which her trainer says is a vital part of rebuilding muscles after a tough workout. It’s a must for recharging and recovering one’s body.

Dealing with Anxiety

The winner of three Screen Actor Guild Awards has been dealing with anxiety for some time now. So, she has devised certain strategies that ensure she comes on top in a battle with anxiety most of the times.

Via her book, I Am Bigger Than My Anxiety, the lovely lady advises people to not listen to the anxious voice speaking inside their head and just go on with what they are doing.

She admits that her anxiety was quite debilitating as a child as she used to experience serious panic attacks where her brain would zoom 30 steps ahead to the worst-case scenario. Her best advice to people dealing with anxiety issues is to be present in improv because she believes it to be the antithesis of anxiety.

Did you like reading about Emma’s efforts to train for Battle of the Sexes? If so, don’t miss out the film that also stars Steve Carell. It will hit the theatres near you this September.

Featured Image by Gage Skidmore / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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