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Emmy Rossum Workout Routine 2015 plus She Shares Some Amazing Wellness Tips

Emmy Rossum squeezed - workout body

Emmy Rossum has recently joined hands with a unique part of the Movember to promote healthier lifestyles and overall wellness. As a part of the initiative, the actress spilled beans on her current workout routine, her diet indulgences and her opinion on wellness. It’s certainly worth a read for people who are tired of comparing their lives and fitness levels with others.

Morning Routine

NY Mag recently reported that the day of the pretty lady begins with some black tea and feeding her dogs. Then she washes her face, brushes her teeth and hits the gym. After having a satisfying workout, she uses an antibacterial soap to clean her sweaty body.

Workout Routine

The workout routine of Emmy currently includes doing exercises that uses her weight and targets multiple muscles at one time which ensures an optimized workout session. She also likes doing cardio every other day. Emmy likes to workout on loud music with her friends under the guidance of her trainer.

Emmy Rossum in her workout gear
Emmy Rossum in her workout gear

Sunday Ritual

The singer has a special Sunday ritual. No, she doesn’t take a break from workouts on Sundays like most celebrities. Rather, she calls upon her friends to pay her a visit and work out with her. Her motto for every Sunday is “less brunching and more crunching.”

Calm Lifestyle

The Before I Disappear (2014) actress thinks leading a calm lifestyle is essential for everyone. She knows whatever she eats and drinks will have a direct impact on her ability to focus and work as well as her sense of well-being. So, she tries to keep every food item she consumes as simple as possible.

Emmy Rossum in bikini
Emmy Rossum in bikini

Be the Best of Yourself

Rossum also shared a life lesson she learnt. She used to stress over petty issues like not getting enough workouts or comparing herself with other people. But now, she thinks everyone should be the best version of themselves.

If your body is not feeling up for a workout, just take a walk around your building or take a rest day. Just listen to your body and do the best you can do for it. You should also not relate health and wellness to physical well being only. According to the star, it should also include how you feel about yourself and your mental wellness. And, we couldn’t agree more.

Emmy Rossum with Sam Tribeca on red carpet in April 2015
Emmy Rossum with Sam Tribeca on red carpet in April 2015

How she deals with Stress?

The leading lady of You’re Not You (2014) is also very competent in dealing with stress. She uses breathing exercises to calm her mind. She even has a breathing app (Paced Breathing) on her mobile that helps her a lot. (Wow…that’s so cool, I’m gonna try it too. Won’t you?)

Food Indulgence

The food indulgence of the songwriter is not some sweet or any pizza. It’s cheese string. She is so addicted to them that she doesn’t even keep them in her house. She tries not to think about it because she may end up buying and eating them, so she tries to be on the go and avoid them altogether.

Try for Little Changes

The key wellness advice shared by the fiance of writer/director Sam Esmail actually comes from a book, The Power of Habit. She advises people to change little habits before they try to change a pattern. You should not try to make drastic changes in one go. Rather, you should go slowly about the changes you want so that you can adopt one good habit at a time.

Emmy Rossum at 2015 SAG Awards in January
Emmy Rossum at 2015 SAG Awards in January

For instance, you should start with a minor goal like gymming every two days rather than a major goal like gymming everyday along with changing your diet plan from the day 1. The chances of you succeeding in minor goals would always be way better than you succeeding at the major ones.

Now, if you are impressed by the wellness tips shared by the protagonist of Shameless (2011-Present), you may want to check out her previous workout and diet by clicking on this link.

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