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Eva Green Diet Plan Workout Routine

Eva Green workout

With slender and curvy figure, Eva Green is endowed with the most enthralling and mesmerizing beauty. Having stunned us with her challenging roles in the movies, Eva is not an alien name to anyone. Genetically lean Eva admits that she is naturally slender and that’s why she never had to put forth efforts to catapult her body in bikini shape. Here is a sneak peek into the diet and workout secrets of Eva Green which keep her in top shape.

First Experience With Workouts

Naturally thin celeb who was far from hitting gyms had to submit her to workouts when she was offered to play the most challenging role in the movie, 300: Rise of an Empire (2014).

Eva Green in a still from "300: Rise of an Empire"
Eva Green in a still from “300: Rise of an Empire”

Eva states, this was the time she got her first encounter with grueling workouts. Without fail, she spent two hours in a day completely on workouts with the fitness expert, Mark Twight. She engaged her in intense sword fighting and practiced it for several months to gain expertise in that. In the beginning, it inevitably was tough for her to propel her out of the comfort zone but after two to three weeks, she developed peace with them.

Regular Workouts with Personal Trainer

Eva performs fusion of cardio workouts and strength training in the supervision of her personal trainer, Tim Jones. She in particular loves doing squats and lunges which renders great workout to her thighs. She confesses that after workouts, she gets amazing peace and self-contentment which is totally unbeatable. In cardio workouts, Eva adores running, swimming, bicycling, walking, hiking etc. Apart from scorching bountiful calories and revving up metabolic activity in her body, these workouts are also effective in providing her relief from stress.

Pilates – Her Beloved Workout

Among all other workouts, the bombshell seems far more enthralled by Pilates. Since Pilates strengthens your core, it’s an amazing workout, especially for women. If you too nurture the habit to practice the workout in routine, you can expect to have strong torso muscles, trunk, pelvis, and shoulder girdle. Moreover, since Pilates require you to align your posture with breathing, you shall witness improvement at mental level too.

Journey From Shoddy to Healthy Eating Habits

Eva’s journey from shoddy to healthy eating habits is really worth knowing. The pretty star was least concerned about the type of foods and their nutrient content. Without being bothered about the poor or empty calorie content of the foods, she would eat like a pig. However, after knowing the influence of foods on skin and body, she certainly brought moderation in her eating habits and made greens, chicken, salmon, fruits etc. an integral part of her diet. Eva doesn’t push her body beyond a level because she knows old habits are difficult to die. So, she swears by portion control over completely eliminating junk foods from her diet. She gives a healthy beginning to her day by drinking a glass of hot water first thing in the morning. One glass of hot water indeed cleanses your body and purges it from harmful toxins, henceforth you get fresh and youthful glow on your skin and body.

Importance of Relaxation

Eva acknowledges relaxation as imperative for a healthy body and mind. She relies on hot bath and Tibetan massage techniques to relieve her body from stress. She shares that massage works in a magical way on her as she feels immensely relaxed after going through a massage session. In addition to that, she makes sure that she gets eight to nine hours of sound sleep at night. She also meditates for ten to fifteen minutes in a day to appease her mind.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Here are some hydrating tips for fans seeking to have slender body and optimum health.

Drink Water Before Workouts

There is one misconception prevalent among people that water shall not be consumed before workouts. However, the fact is, you shall drink water half an hour before workouts; else, you are likely to suffer from headaches.

Frequent Water Consumption

Your water drinking regime should not be like drinking all the required water in one single stretch within three to four hours. You rather shall drink water after every hour or two to adequately hydrate your body. To suit the objective, keep water bottle in front of you on your desk or next to bed.

Needed Quantity of Water

More the water you drink, better it is for your body. However, your hydration requirement varies with your vital stats such as size, height etc. To know your exact water consumption, divide your weight (in pounds) by two, and you will get rough estimation of your needed daily water consumption in ounces.

Don’t Confuse Your Water Need With Food Need

Stricken by hunger pangs, you might often end up confusing your water need with foods. You can also keep a check on your hunger pangs if you drink water half an hour before eating snacks to relinquish hunger pangs.

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