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Ex On The Beach’s Jess Impiazzi Workout and Diet Plan

Jess Impiazzi working out at a park
Jess Impiazzi working out at a park

The Ex On The Beach (2014-2017) star Jess Impiazzi never feels shy about showing off her body and that’s quite visible via her social media posts. But, she is not among those people who go under the knife to look great and then, show off the results. She actually works out hard most of the days, limits her alcohol intake and tries to eat healthily. Let’s explore her workout routine and diet plan over here:

Workout For Results

She is a big fan of no pain, no gain theory when it comes to working out. Her workouts always include tough exercises like squats, weighted donkey kicks, and jumping lunges. These exercises help in keeping her behind in check.

Workout Routine

The brunette beauty tries to work out at least 3 to 4 times a week. This routine only fluctuates when she has some work commitments. Her workout begins with doing a 20-minute run which is a warm-up cardio session. She then follows it with weight training. Her preferred workout equipment is a squat machine. She doesn’t like doing arms (but still does it anyway) as they are weak but she works them hard so that they can become strong.

Jess Impiazzi exercising outdoors
Jess Impiazzi exercising outdoors

Workout Gear

The owner of a fitness fashion range HD Female says that she created her own gym wear line because when she was hunting up for gym wear, all the options were very expensive. Her range is more fun, affordable and is loved by celebs like Casey Batchelor, Chloe Madeley, and Jessica Hayes.

The Mistakes

The stunner confesses that she wasn’t always in a great shape in her life. When she was younger, she had an eating disorder and when she was working on the series 2 of Ex On The Beach, she began drinking a lot. She then joined the gym with an aim to feel better.

Dragging Herself to the Gym

Like most of the people out there, Jess hates going to the gym and often has to drag herself there. She manages it by reminding herself that exercising is good for her body and mind. If she doesn’t have much work, she goes to the gym every day. But if she can’t manage it for a few days, she doesn’t beat herself over it. Usually, she hits the gym in the mornings or night to get her endorphins going.

Jess Impiazzi bikini
Jess Impiazzi in bikini

Favorite Workout

The hottie likes doing weights a lot. She can do heavy weighted squats with 50 kilos on the bar. She easily gets bored of running. Therefore, she prefers to go into the woods or in the streets to run. It refreshes her mind.

Focus on Shaping

The only body part she always focuses on shaping is her bum.

Workout Motivation

When the partner of super league rugby player Denny Solomona wants to get motivated for a workout, she scrolls through her Instagram and gets inspiration from all the healthy girls out there. She also thinks of looking good in case she bumps into an ex-boyfriend.

Talking about making ex-boyfriends feel jealous, here are four awesome tips she shared to make your ex-boyfriend feel like he is missing something great –

Once she starts the workout, the endorphins kick in within 20 minutes and she doesn’t need any more motivation.

Diet Secrets

The London-born lady believes that having a good diet is the key to a flat tummy. She has recently become vegan and cut out dairy as well as meat from her diet. She feels amazing due to these diet changes and doesn’t get a bad tummy which hounded her a lot before. Though becoming vegan means she can’t find great options while eating out, but she is coping with it.

Jess Impiazzi during an outing at a restaurant
Jess Impiazzi during an outing at a restaurant

Avoiding Foods

Though the glamor model loves milkshakes, she only has milkshakes that are lactose-free as she is lactose intolerant. She also has a special yogurt daily.

Loving the Foods

A food she loves is avocado as it’s very healthy. She mashes it up on a toast or has it with a prawn cocktail.

Health Supplements

The only health supplements the gorgeous woman takes are Vitamin D and Cod Liver Oil.

Alcoholic Habits

The fitness enthusiast used to be a big drinker but she stopped drinking when she suffered depression. She is fine now and drinks about once in every three months. Even then, she goes for options like vodka, lime, and soda.

Jess Impiazzi holding a drink
Jess Impiazzi holding a drink

Diet Plan

Impiazzi’s diet plan is mentioned right here:

Breakfast – A slice of wholemeal toast, a poached egg, an avocado, rocket, and chorizo.

Lunch – Some Jacket potato with beans and cheese makes up her lunch.

Dinner – Homemade Spaghetti Bolognese.

Snacks – Salted peanuts, fruit and a snickers bar are her usual munchies.

Diet Indulgence

When the TV personality wants to indulge, she likes chocolate. She may feel guilty if she indulges too much, but she never fusses about it. In her opinion, if you don’t indulge, you will go mad.

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