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Fearne Cotton Diet Plan and Workout Routine

TV Presenter, Fearne Cotton looked totally ravishing when she appeared on red carpet past the birth of her child, son Rex. It didn’t take the blonde bombshell more than six months to retrieve her pre-pregnancy appealing figure. Let’s have a look at her diet and workout secrets which uphold her in top shape and how she resumed bikini figure post pregnancy.

Fearne Cotton

Sugar Detox Plan

Fearne being sentient about the ever growing usage of sugar in foods makes sure that she detoxifies her body after regular intervals with sugar detox plan. With the consumption of sugary foods such as cookies, sweets, cakes, soft drinks, fruit juices, and other sugary beverages etc., harmful toxins keep piling up inside our body. Not only do they make us bulk up, they also make room for myriad degenerative diseases. Best way to stay immune from the influence of sugar is to make fresh and judicious choices of foods. Fearne mostly eats clean and organic vegan foods which nourish her body with essential nutrients.

Yoga – Secret to Svelte Figure

The glam actress’ svelte figure testifies her love for holistic workout namely yoga. Yoga being blend of body and mind revitalizes her and fills her with vibrant energy. The workout also aided her to snap back into pre-baby pristine shape. Aside from yoga, she being an avid dancer loves upholding her body in excellent shape. She doesn’t like to sit idle and prefers cycling or walking down to places over driving. Her workout regime too being quite regular has her do exercises on alternate days.

Post Baby Weight Loss

While sharing her experiences of being a new mother, Fearne shares, pregnancy actually has you go through totally new experience. Your entire body swells up and you look bloated. Fearne pricks; she too was nerved with astounding changes occurring in her body past the birth of Rex. However, she didn’t allow the negative thoughts overpower her mind. She rather relished her more curvaceous feminine figure i.e. big bosoms and hefty hips and gave her body some time to resume pre-baby sexy shape.

Fearne Cotton workout

Healthy Tips for Fans

Here are some healthy tips for her fans who wish to acquire and maintain slender and fit body.

Don’t Eat While Watching TV

If you are in the habit of eating while watching TV, abandon it, because you are likely to eat more than your appetite in such situations. Since with diverted attention, you don’t often relish foods, you only eat them. You can also try and see the influence of TV on your eating pattern by consuming foods without watching TV for couple of days. You certainly shall be amazed to witness your trimmed down portion size of foods.

Prefer Wearing Skinny Clothes

Prefer wearing skinny clothes such as leggings, yoga pants, tank top etc. which actually touch your body. Since skinny clothes remain sticked to your body, not only do they impart you taut look, they also restrain your unwary consumption of foods. Contrarily, loose clothes perk up your tendency to splurge on foods because you don’t experience immediate expansion of your body in baggy outfits.

Augment Bacteria Consumption

Bacteria consumption can turn out to be really effective tool which can aid you to scorch pounds without having you cut back the consumption of calories. Shall you escalate the intake of probiotic rich foods; you certainly shall get rid of the unwanted pounds.

Spice up Your Meals

Research shows that varied use of hot spices such as cayenne pepper and others speeds up your metabolism. Besides that, they also shrink the growth of fat cells and thus render you lean and toned look.

Drink Warm Water

Swap your consumption of cold water with warm water. Since warm water makes you feel fuller earlier, you are unlikely to eat large portion size of foods in your meals. However, if you find it difficult to gulp down warm water, dip one tea bag of herbal tea to add flavor to it.

Drink Small Servings of Wine

If you are a wine lover, here comes great news for you. Two small glasses of wine (not more than 5 oz) foster weight loss process in your body. Since wine dissuades the accumulation of calories in your body, you can afford to have slender body with its consumption. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it because its surplus consumption shall pack up calories in your body.

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