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Freja Beha Erichsen Diet, Exercise, Workout & Beauty Secrets

Danish model, Freja Beha Erichsen had quit smoking to focus on her face, body and overall modeling career. The model revealed her diet secrets and other things in various interviews given to different magazines like Elle, Vogue, etc.

The 5 ft 10-inch model has done advertising campaigns for Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Gucci, Emporio, Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, MaxMara and the list continues.

The 32.5-25-34 inch model likes to drink water in traces; just because it adds glow to the skin and makes it look better. To make her career flourishing, she is taking care of her health. Not to forget, she quit smoking for that too. To improve her skin texture, other than water, she also intakes fruits as it contains juices and different vitamins to add good color to the skin. This is what she told to Vogue UK –

“In the past months I have learned to have power naps everywhere I go and that is key for my health. To eat healthy food is also essential – especially fruit, for the vitamins. Drinking a lot of water is very good for healthy-looking skin too. I also stopped smoking!”

Fruits are really great for getting clear complexion and a daily cup of fruit juice can guarantee you that also. It has become great way to enhance the skin as nowadays, we have been crowded with the chemical products and fruit facial and its juices, which are free from harmful toxins can do wonders to the skin, especially, some most common fruits like papaya (Contains enzyme called PAPAIN, which has the capacity to remove dead cells and cure impurities), orange (source of vitamin C), banana (rich in vitamin A, B, E), lemon (full of vitamin C), and mango (contains vitamin A) can de-stress you and helps in rejuvenating the skin.

freja beha erichsen diet

So, what else, she does to maintain that glowing skin? She says –

“I try to find a moment to relax wherever I am. Doing that helps my skin.”

Other than the above, the Danish model does not wear makeup unless she goes for work, and makes sure she washes her face after the shoots.

The tattoo girl with unusual catwalk is slim-trim but is not a fan of strenuous workouts or heavy exercises. She likes to do some stretching exercises at her home in shorts. Pilates is not made for her. She doesn’t like it. And not also the treadmill workout. But, yeah, she does some common yoga moves, which she learned from her dear ones. In her own words to Elle UK –

“I’m not into any particular style but friends have taught me some yoga poses that I do to chill out after a long flight.”

The girl with youthful looks, Erichsen eats mostly organic food, i.e. the food that does not involve synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers and food additives. Also, Freja takes Vitamin D and calcium supplements to maker her body balanced.

there must be some specific reason for her to take Vitamin D. Well, these are the benefits of the same.

  • Good immune system regulator.
  • Helpful for better functioning of brain cells (at later stage in life).
  • Good absorber of certain nutrients like calcium and phosphorus from the body.
  • Prevents from heart attack, early death.
  • Helps in maintaining proper body weight.

Though there are other benefits, but the main ones are listed above.

When she is busy in fashion shoots, editorials, and out of her home, she likes to have chocolate mousse with berries and immediately pulls it into her mouth, as a form of energy booster.

Smile – which is considered the best curve on a woman’s body is achieved by Freja by listening to her favorite movies and music. “Taking Woodstock”, a 2009 comedy film is capable of adding that curve to her body.

Regarding makeup, she does like to keep it as natural and simple as possible. After her work, Erichsen never forgets to remove the makeup from her face, and it is done by using Crealine H20 Makeup Remover by Bioderma. Here are other things, she likes to have –

“If I wear a foundation I use Clé de Peau. In the evening, I like to put a line of black kohl on my eyes and sometimes red lips with a Chanel Allure velvet lipstick.”

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