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Garmin Index Smart Scale Review

Garmin Index Smart Scale

A weight machine is a simple machine used to measure weight. But, the weight machines you get today and that you used to get 10 years back aren’t the same. Today’s weight machines are smart machines that can be used for measuring other important health stats apart from weight. The modern weight machines can measure BMI, body fat, and other things as well. These machines synchronize automatically with various fitness apps and help you to reach your fitness goals. If you want to buy a smart weight machine, then you should do some research and find out about the unique properties of different machines. There are some great smart scales in the market and the Garmin Index Smart Scale is one of them. Here, we are going to review this scale. 


You can get this scale in black or white. It has glass topping and round edges that look very stylish. The LED display is large and the numbers are displayed against a black background, making the readings more visible in any lighting condition. This machine uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to sync the various metrics to Garmin’s Connect app and other health apps as well. The Garmin’s Connect app provides an overall view of your health which includes data and metrics like the weight, activity level, BMI, body fat percentage, bone mass, etc. It provides different charts for tracking weight loss and other health stats over time. You need 4 AA batteries for it and the batteries will last for up to 9 months. This machine can recognize up to 16 users. You will hardly find any machine that will store information about so many users privately.

Build Quality

The top of the machine is made of high-quality glass, so there is no danger of any breakage. The base of the machine is stable, so there is no risk of an accident. This machine can handle up to 400 pounds or 181 kg. There is a toggle at the bottom of the scale which lets you change the kilograms, pounds, and stones easily. Most of the bathroom scales get measurements for water and bone mass by using bioelectrical impedance. But in such a case, if the machine is used by pregnant women or those having pacemakers, then this feature must be disabled. With the Garmin Index Smart Scale, you don’t need to turn this feature off. So, you will be able to take your measurements without any complications. 


It has dimensions 13.8 inches by 12.2 inches by 1.2 inches and weighs 6.2 pounds. This makes this machine portable and easy to store. You can keep it in your washroom or even in the bedroom so that you can take the weight and other body measurements conveniently every day. 

Ease Of Use

It is very easy to set up this scale. All you need to do is add 4 AA batteries which are already included with the scale and just step on it. You can easily change the measurement unit to pounds, kilograms or stones using just a button. You can also reset and synchronize data using the button at the back of the scale. You can connect to the Garmin Connect app using Bluetooth for the first time and then using Wi-Fi.


This scale provides more than just your weight measurement. It determines your body mass index, body’s water percentage, fat percentage, and more. It uses 2 access points (two feet) to determine the body fat percentage. This gives more accurate results as compared to those scales that use more access points for measurement. Using these data, you will be able to know in which area you need to work on to improve. Using this scale, you will be able to track and store all your health stats online using its built-in Wi-Fi. There are various body measurement tracking on this scale, so it can be useful for bodybuilders, weightlifters, dieters, and health enthusiasts. 


  • It is found in black or white and looks very stylish and attractive.
  • The top is made of high-quality glass and it is durable.
  • It measures different health metrics like BMI, body fat, skeletal muscle mass, water percentage, and bone mass.
  • It is very easy to set up and takes little time.
  • It can recognize users automatically as you step on the scale.
  • It can identify up to 16 users and store their details for future reference.
  • You can upload your health stats via the Wi-Fi to the user’s Garmin Connect account.
  • It displays numbers in large size against the black background which makes it easy to read.
  • It can support weight up to 181 kg, making it suitable for heavy users as well.
  • It has 9 months of battery life.
  • You can add different activity trackers to it, so you will be able to meet your fitness goals easily.
  • You can get a WPS-enabled Wi-Fi router or Garmin USB ANT Stick with some extra money.


  • It records one measurement per day. So, your previous measurements of the day will be overwritten if you step on it more than once during the day. This may be distracting for some users.
  • There may be some issues when synchronizing with other health apps like MyFitnessPal.
  • It is expensive.

Final Verdict

It is a great-looking smart scale that provides weight, body mass, BMI, body fat percentage, and other health stats. It can be used with other Garmin devices. It supports more than 16 users and can automatically recognize them. This scale is designed to measure, track, and store your health stats on its downloadable application. So, if you are on a diet or in any special physical training, this scale can give you useful data. Though it is a bit expensive, the features you get here, you won’t get in the other low priced weight machines. It is a good investment and will encourage you to stay fit and healthy all the time. 

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This weight machine is attractive and stylish. It can support weight up to 400 pounds. You will be able to measure your weight, BMI, body fat and other health stats with it. Garmin Index Smart Scale Review