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Gerard Butler Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Green eyes, chiseled body, Gerard Butler is a Scottish actor. While growing up, he had no intention of making his career in acting and he used to be a proficient layer prior to making him entry into Hollywood. Gerard was starred in numerous popular movies such as Tomorrow Never Dies, Ugly Truth, P.S I Love You, and countless others. However, the movie 300 abruptly made him superstar and epitome of style and fitness.

His fans began exploring for the tools to have a great cut body like him. The handsome actor turns no stone unturned when it comes to astounding us with his ripped body and killer look. He is one of the actors who have been through drastic transitions in their weights. While he was awfully muscular in 300, he could be seen in extremely skinny body shape in Berlin International Film Festival in 2011. Makeovers, which seems so easy and stress-free to us actually takes incessant dedication and perseverance from our favored stars to dazzle us.

Gerard Butler workout routine
Gerard Butler in workout gear

Gerard Butler Workout Routine

The hunk knows that spectacular toned body cannot be acquired without workouts, and so he embraces workouts with great affection. For mentoring his body for his role in 300, his workouts, in particular, were vigorous. Under the supervision of his personal trainer, the actor executed tough and high-intensity workouts, orchestrated by record holding mountain climber and celeb trainer, Mark Twight.

The carved body apparent to you in 300 didn’t occur overnight just like his fame, it actually took the actor with seducing eyes four incessant months to make his physique muscular and captivating. His workouts were targeted to scorch all the fats and magnify the number of lean muscles in his body.

The king of Sparta attained a warrior like physique and brain with workouts comprised of squats, bench press, military push press, Arnold press, hammer curls, KB swings, dead hang pull-ups, ball slam and incalculable others. The most peculiar thing about his workouts was the rest duration scheduled in the meanwhile, which was minimal. Following his role in 300, due to being shifted from intense exercises to no exercise, the actor gained several pounds and looked chubby. However, he could be seen in numerous transfiguration afterwards.

Gerard Butler Diet Plan

His diet being totally aligned with his workouts varies with his workout regime. While going through grueling and sweaty workouts, he eats six small meals in a day and nourishes his body with protein rich foods. However, since protein rich diet needs to be eaten with great caution, he makes sure that he doesn’t miss to hydrate his body with eight to ten glasses of water in a day.

Instead of counting on high carb foods, he rather makes meticulous choice by inculcating complex carbs such as oats, sweet potatoes, whole grains etc. in his diet. And for healthy fats, he consumes almonds, flax seed, avocados, peanut butter etc. His diet usually is comprised of olive oil, green veggies, fish, turkey, whole grain breads, multi grain pasta, peanut butter, brown rice etc.

Apart from the diet, which he keeps varying as per the requirement of his role in the movies, his normal diet too, is mostly based on wholesome and nutrient dense food items. And he endeavors to steer clear from fried, processed, and unhealthy foods causing an irresistible increase in fats.

Healthy Recommendation For Gerard Butler Fans

Here comes one recommendation for all the fans of Gerard Butler who seek to acquire tough and resilient body like him.

Stick to situation’s workouts. Under the workout, you just need to do workouts five times in a week, while repeating three to four exercises in a day. Incorporate the workouts, which provide exercise to your abs and practice them on alternate days.

Your core muscles being the most versatile muscles of your body also are the most potent muscles of your body, having very short recovery period. One day rest will not only have them time to recuperate, but will also have them enhance their muscle mass.

Apart from them, execute the exercises targeted on your lower back muscles. Lower back muscles are usually left ignored while doing workouts. However, their exercises will not only hone your stomach abs, but will also straighten out your posture and make it look more influential.

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