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Gold’s Gym XR 55 Review

Gold’s Gym XR 55 Review

If you don’t like the crowded environment of a gym, then you can easily create your own exercising space by buying a home gym. This multi-functional machine gives you the opportunity to do various types of exercises that will help to build your muscles and get you into shape. A home gym is a versatile equipment that lets you stay fit without going to a gym.

A home gym is a very demanding exercise equipment today. People have become very busy with their lives and they hardly get any time to exercise. The gym membership fees are also high due to which many people cannot afford to go to a gym. You can find various home gyms in the market at a very reasonable price. Once you buy it, this machine will last for several years. So, you will no longer have to spend extra money to go to a gym.

It can be quite confusing to buy the right home gym for your need. As this equipment is quite bulky, you should consider the size of your house or apartment before buying one. We have looked into various home gyms in the market and have picked Gold’s Gym XR 55 as one of the best-rated gyms. Here we are going to review this home gym in detail.


This home gym is not designed for very small space. It will take some space and will fit a room with at least a 7 ceiling. The machine is designed for users of weight up to 136 kg; however, as it is very sturdy, users who are heavier will also be able to use this machine comfortably. It can be used by users taller than 6’3’’ as well. The machine has nylon pulleys with ball bearings and steel shells that make them strong and durable enough to perform any kind of exercise.

The seat and backrest are made of vinyl which is of high quality and will offer the ultimate comfort. They are colored in black and gold making them look very stylish. The preacher curl attachment also has similar colors. There is a weight resistance system that includes a stack of weight plates and lots of pulleys for performing various exercises.

Build Quality

The frame of this home gym is made with square steel tubing and that’s why it has a sturdy construction. It will last for many years without any trouble. After you assemble the machine, you will find that it’s quite heavy. There are high and low pulleys that are made of nylon along with steel shells and ball bearings, making them very strong. The industrial grade ball bearings will last for many years even after an intense workout. The cables are actually steel roles which are able to withstand high tension.

The backrest and seat are made of durable and thick upholstery to last for a long time. The resistance system is built with high quality so that it can support any kind of exercise. The weight stack has 10 weight plates made of cement and they are encased in vinyl shells as well. The vinyl casing is resistant to nicks and will be durable just like cast iron. As the weight plates are made of cement, they will be difficult to break. So, you won’t have to worry about damaging the weight stacks while exercising. The pulley system also adds resistance to the weights.


Users who are as tall as 6’3’’ and as heavy as 136 kg can use this home gym comfortably. It has a dimension of 65’’ X 39’’ X 79’’. It is not the smallest home gym available in the market, but you can still manage to fit it in your small apartment. As the machine is heavy and doesn’t have any wheels, it cannot be transported from one room to another.


The backrest and seat are made of vinyl which is durable and comfortable. They are also padded with foam material to provide extra comfort. You can adjust the backrest and seat to 3 different positions according to your need and comfort level. The curl pad can also be positioned in 3 different ways offering flexibility while exercising. The leg attachment and fly bars have 1.25’’ thick foam pads. There are a handle strap and lat bar available as well to make your workouts more comfortable.


You can perform a wide range of strength training with this home gym. You get here a chest press, a lat bar, 4-roll leg developer, pulleys, butterfly arms station, and the weight stack. The combination is just perfect for doing any type of exercise and getting into shape. There is also a work chart designed by a certified personal trainer that will help you to do the proper exercises in order to meet your fitness goals. You can do more than 36 different exercises with this home gym. Some of the common exercises include biceps curls, preacher curls, triceps press-downs, ab pulldowns, seated rows, chest presses, leg extensions, squats, etc.

The machine is very easy to assemble as it comes with step-by-step instructions. Maintaining a home gym is very easy. All you need to do is grease the pulleys from time to time and check the bolts. If necessary, you should retighten the bolts. If you take good care of this machine, you will be able to exercise using this home gym for many years. If you exercise regularly with this machine, you will be able to get your desired body in no time.


You can get this home gym for under $400 at Amazon. So, it is a perfect choice for beginners and those who are looking for a home gym at a low price.

List of Equipment

  • Chest press station
  • 4-roll leg developer
  • Lat bar
  • Butterfly arm station
  • High and low pulleys stations
  • 112-pound weight stack
  • Curl pad attachment
  • Pec fly station


  • Easy to assemble as step-by-step instructions are given and the necessary tools are provided
  • Outstanding construction as it is made of a sturdy frame
  • Upholstery is made of thick and durable vinyl along with extra padding for maximum comfort.
  • The seat, backrest and preacher curl pad are adjustable and thus offering flexibility.
  • There are padded chest bars and leg workout station.
  • It has 6 workout stations to do more than 36 exercises.
  • It doesn’t make any noise and so you can use it in your apartment without disturbing your neighbors.
  • Requires very little maintenance


  • It is suitable for the beginners only as it provides the basics in strength training.
  • It offers a limited range of motion for different exercises.
  • If you are taller than the average people, you will find it difficult to use.
  • The weight stack cannot be upgraded like the other home gyms in the market.

Final Verdict

The Gold’s Gym XR 55 is one of the few home gyms you will find in the market that you can buy for such a cheap price. With this versatile machine, you will be able to perform more than 36 exercises. It will work on most of the important group muscles. With 6 different workout stations, you will be able to do your preferred exercises. Though this machine is not meant for the hardcore weightlifters, most beginners and intermediate users will find this machine useful.

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