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Harley Pasternak Tips for Getting Ready to Dazzle in an Event

Harley Pasternak and Kim Kardashian
Harley Pasternak and Kim Kardashian

We recently told you about what workouts celebrities use to get Oscar ready and now we’ve got information on what a celebrity trainer would like the celebrities (and you) to do to get ready for a big event. He has been associated with stars like Robert Pattinson, Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Robert Downey Jr. and Lady Gaga. We are talking about none other than Harley Pasternak who is a skilled trainer and a generous advisor. He constantly shares fitness tips with his fans and we love him for that. Don’t you?

Great Posture

Most of the tips shared by the successful fitness author are based on the end goal you want to achieve. If you want to see yourself in a regal posture, your focus should be on doing upper back exercises. You can try the TRX back rows, reverse incline dumbbell rows, and single-arm dumbbell rows.

These upper back exercises would help you strengthen your upper back and hold a regal posture for long without tiring your body. The fitness guru also pointed out that most people are so focused on shaping up the anterior part of their upper bodies that they don’t concentrate on upper back exercises as much as they ought to (which is highly not advisable).

Harley Pasternak fitness tips

Exercise According to Your Dress

The exercise you must follow before an event will also largely depend on the type of dress you are wearing. For example – If you are wearing a dress that bares your arms, you may want to work on your triceps so that they don’t look bad. You can easily tone them up by doing close-grip push-ups or lying dumbbell tricep extensions.

Exercises Preferred by Women before an Event

The Canadian-American personal trainer also spilled that most of his female clientele depend upon Helix machine during the workouts as it helps in strengthening their lateral plane. They get to tone up the vital body parts such as butt and thighs. It also plays a vital role in improving their stability and posture. (Know more about the Helix machines through their official website @ helixco.com)

Follow a Body Reset Diet

When preparing for a special event, exercising alone wouldn’t do the trick. You need to revamp your diet too if you wish to glow at an event. In order to do that, you may want to follow a Body Reset diet, at least a few weeks before the event.

In this diet, you need to drink a lot of high fiber smoothies and healthy fats in every meal. This diet method is not like any cleanse in which your body is robbed off of all nutrients and made to survive on colored water. In this diet, you get nourishment from all the right food items. (Buy Harley’s Book on The Body Reset Diet by visiting Amazon if you want to try this diet.)

Body Reset Diet by Harley Pasternak
Body Reset Diet by Harley Pasternak

What is Body Reset Diet Plan?

The TV host also spoke about what exactly your diet plan would be if you want to follow the body reset diet. You would begin your days with a meal replacement smoothie in the breakfast and would repeat the same in lunch too. For dinner, you would only have vegetables and protein rich foods.

Harley Pasternak

Snacking Advice

If you have the habit of snacking after every few hours, you should change its content while preparing for an event. Rather than gorging on unhealthy items, you should stick to an apple, a protein bar, a few almonds and some yogurt with berries. These four options are healthy snacking options that can be followed even when you are not planning to go to an event but get healthier.

Want more tips? Follow Harley Pasternak on his official website.

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