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Hilary Duff 2016 Workout Routine and Diet Plan

You are what you eat. Hilary Duff seems to be a firm believer of this saying. She eats right most of the time and pushes herself for workouts even when she hates them most of the time. She likes to indulge whenever she can get away with it. The diva doesn’t pressurize herself to look great and is against the idea of being judged by others. She has also shared some valuable workout and diet tips with her fans. Know it all here.

Hilary Duff with Stella Artois bottles during a Summer Party in June 2016
Hilary Duff with Stella Artois bottles during a Summer Party in June 2016

Diet Plan

Let’s start with knowing her exact diet plan that she shared recently with Woman’s Day Australia. It seems easy to follow and you can try some of her dishes too.


The American actress starts her days with either

  • Oatmeal with almond butter, or
  • Avocado with tomato toast, or
  • Raisins and maple syrup, or
  • A smoothie that’s packed with nutrients. While preparing the smoothie, she mixes some celery, apple, pear, spinach, half banana, coriander and a big thick lemon. She also adds some avocado in it for the fat factor.


The star has some salad in lunch which is filled with leafy greens. She usually has a turkey burger post the salad or a piece of fish. She also loves to add French fries in the meal.


During dinner, she likes to have steak with peaches or grilled pineapple. She says that grilled pineapple is a very easy recipe that also tastes awesome.

Hilary Duff reviving herself with a smoothie after a workout
Hilary Duff reviving herself with a smoothie after a workout

Drink Preference

When she is not getting in shape for something, the Younger (2015-Present) actress likes to have a beer or some glasses of wine with her meals.

Diet Indulgence

The former child actress confesses that she likes every kind of food. Her indulgences include having French fries, cheese and sriracha salt for eggs. She is always in the mood to try different foods because she is not a creature of habit.

Workout Routine

The mother of one says that mixing up the workouts is a great idea. She likes to mix up her exercises by adding dancing, boxing, hiking, strength training and yoga into her schedule. She is also a fan of a cardio machine known as the VersaClimber. Though she is not a big fan of exercising, she knows that she needs to work very hard in the gym because she is not great at dieting. Hilary also works out because she needs to be strong to chase after her son, Luca, reports US Magazine. (The last reason is just so adorable, don’t you think?)

Hilary Duff with son Luca Cruz Comrie
Hilary Duff with son Luca Cruz Comrie

Being Judged

While talking to People, the brown-eyed beauty also shared that she doesn’t like it when people judge her. Many people judged her for marrying too soon or having a baby very early. She is even pigeonholed for being a mom. Hilary adds that many women who don’t have a child are judged too. This attitude is detrimental to any sort of progress. She hates the fact that women are scrutinized but men are not. People don’t care about men’s personal lives as much as they care about a woman’s personal life.

No Pressure

The sister of Haylie Duff says that when she was younger, she put a lot of pressure on herself to look great. She cared about what people would say about her. Now, she is not running after perfection. Her kid comes first in her life and she doesn’t have the time to worry about looking perfect. Duff does care about how she is looking at any point in time, taking care of her body and being in a good mental place. Working out helps her in feeling good about herself and to be in a good mental space. She also likes to eat food and have drinks to make her happy and enjoy her life.

Diet Advice for Fans

The singer has also shared some amazing diet and cooking advice with her fans that will improve your health and make your life easier.

Hilary Duff heading for a workout to a gym in LA
Hilary Duff heading for a workout to a gym in LA

Cooking in Advance Helps

As a dedicated mother and a busy actress, she likes to prepare food in advance. She recommends everyone to do it. She personally likes making stuff like a big thing of quinoa or throwing in some salad. If she is extremely busy, she will eat whatever she had cooked for her 4-year-old (That’s a naughty habit, we think!!)

Diet Plan Advice

The Texas-born suggests that you should cut the carbs from your diet and add in more fruits, vegetables, and protein. Cutting alcohol is also a good idea but she never sticks to it for long. (If you can do that, it’s great!) She often wants to eat a sandwich but doesn’t have it as much as she wants.

Hilary Duff adorable selfie
Hilary Duff adorable selfie

No Late Evening Meals

If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, the stunner says that you should stop eating after 6 in the evening, reports Cosmopolitan. Adopting this habit was hard for her initially but she did it. You may be tempted to raid the kitchen at midnight at first, but it will soon be okay. You just have to remember to eat a lot of healthy foods during the day.

Stick to Tea

The ex-wife of Mike Comrie likes dandelion root tea, which is a natural diuretic and tastes bitter. You can try it for better health but you should not add a lot of honey to it if you want it to work for you.

Indulge a Little

The producer thinks that you should let your hair down and enjoy a great evening with friends occasionally where you eat what you like, enjoy a few drinks and watch a show after you get home. Such evenings would add a lot of enjoyment to your life. It’s her idea of a nice night out.

Workout Advice

HDuff has also shared some workout advice with her fans. It’s simple and doable if you are really dedicated towards fitness.

  • Cardio is Essential

The lovely lady thinks that cardio is a vital part of any exercise session. You should start and end your workouts with it. Spending some time on the treadmill between the sessions is also recommended. You should also do a lot of strength training exercises. Trying jumping, deadlifts, hip thrusts and using a medical ball are also her workout recommendations.

Hilary Duff after a workout session in Beverly Hills in October 2016
Hilary Duff after a workout session in Beverly Hills in October 2016
  • Deal with It

Though the celebrity doesn’t like to exercise much, she stills works out for four to five times a week. It should be your goal too. You can try a mix of cardio, strength training and classes like her.

  • Don’t Give Up

When you are after a fitness goal, you should stick to it and never give up. Losing the post baby weight was a tough ordeal for her but she crossed it out. You should have a lot of focus, dedication and know that you will get to your goal. Talk to your friends and motivate one another. Cutting some of the vices and preserving your energy to hit the gym daily would work too.

Did you like Hilary Duff’s Latest Workout Routine and Diet Plan? Will you follow the workout and diet advice she shared? If so, you can get more fitness ideas by following her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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