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Hilary Rhoda Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Hilary Rhoda stretching

Blue eyed, Victoria’s Secret model, Hilary Rhoda is credited with hot and flawless figure. The supermodel who has graced Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2009, 2010, and 2011 bestows the credit for her sleek and toned figure to both intense workouts and nutrient-laden diet. Here are some of the diet and workout secrets of charming celeb which uphold her in eye-catching bikini shape.

Sweating – Key to Weight Loss

Hilary contends, if you wish to shed unwanted pounds, you shall sweat profusely. You cannot expect to drop weight if you keep practicing workouts in air conditioned gyms. The kickass beauty prefers working out in gyms which are devoid of cold temperature so her body can pour out sweat and she can purge it from harmful toxins.

Hilary Rhoda coming out of the gym after doing a workout


Her Love for Challenging Workouts

Hilary being athletic since her childhood engages her in varied sports such as hockey, lacrosse etc. Instead of being captivated towards slow workouts, she feels herself more drawn to strenuous workouts such as SoulCycle, Tracy Anderson method, etc. Her bond with Tracy method is really strong because before embracing the grueling workout, she had tried variety of other exercises but none of them seemed to provide her gratifying results. Her obsession for Tracy method has her join minimum two sessions of it in a week.

The hot chick feels invigorated with these exercises. Besides that, swollen feeling gives her satisfying feeling of workout. She loves executing these workouts since they take her out of her comfort zone and keep her from the ennui of slow workouts. The stunner being fitness enthusiast doesn’t let even one single day of her to go without workouts. If she finds herself unable to execute exercises in the morning, she certainly practices them in the evening.

Light and Figure Revealing Outfits

Hilary Rhoda working out with dumbbells

Hilary being very particular about her workout gear believes that whatever outfits you wear, you shall feel great in them because clothes certainly affect your attitude. Prefer wearing fit clothes in gym because if you get the benefit to see your toned figure in mirror while doing workouts, you are very likely to feel inspired to practice them with more enthusiasm. She herself put on light and figure revealing outfits which certainly keeps her energy levels high.

Aside from that, she shares; getting fit in skinny clothes motivates her to continue abiding by intense workouts. She considers exercises as the best option which promises you slender and curvy figure without any loss. Unlike crash diet programs, where your body has to pay heavy toll to impart you lean figure, exercises have you get slender body coupled with optimum health.

Dance – Most Favored Cardio Workout

Hilary Rhoda gym workout doing aerobics

Since Hilary is executing ballet dance from more than a decade favors it the most. Her proficiency in dance further helped her learn the steps of Tracy Anderson method too. Immensely flattered with the influence of dance on her body, Hilary is averse to running. With dancing, she doesn’t have to stress about the incorporation of running in her workout routine because dancing already renders her all the desired results.

Balanced Nutrition

Hilary Rhoda eating salad
Hilary Rhoda eating salad

The brunette shares, she doesn’t let her body go through depriving juice cleansing or any other diet plan like that. And since she performs grueling workouts, she fuels her body with nutrient packed foods such as fruits, veggies, fish, kale, fresh berries, yogurt, grilled chicken etc. which are the vital needs of a worked out body. Despite abiding by vegan diet since 2007, Hilary is not resistant towards incorporating fish in her diet. And her diet rules being very pragmatic has her eat foods as per the needs of her body. She also doesn’t restrain her from consuming plenty of foods when she feels like splurging on her beloved foods.

Maintains Distance from Sin Foods

The pretty model maintains fair distance from sin foods such as caffeine, gluten, sugar etc. Earlier she used to drink coffee but now she has swapped it with tea. She also forbids the consumption of red meat, soda etc. To stay loyal to healthy eating habits, she always keeps fresh salad preserved in her refrigerator which she consumes whenever she feels hungry. She also keeps eating small portion size of snacks such as almonds, apples, nuts etc. which certainly keeps her hunger at bay. While retaining distance from most of the evil foods, Hilary indulges herself in her beloved foods such as chocolates once in a while.

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