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Hunter / Farmer Diet Plan – Know Your Body Type and Shed Weight

Hunter Farmer Diet Plan

Developed by Dr. Mark Liponis, MD, Hunter / Farmer Diet is an effective weight loss solution. The diet program basically has allocated dieters in two categories namely hunters and farmers.

Dieters with hunter body are supposed to rely more on animal and plant based foods, and dieters with farmer body will rely more on whole grains and refined foods.

What Hunter / Farmer Diet Solution is?

Hunter / farmer diet solution is low carb, high fat diet program. Dr. Mark deeply studied the problem of obesity faced by people, and endeavored to figure out reason why some people remain obese irrespective of their physical activities and nutrition.

And he came up with conclusion that variation in their physiologies is the main reason responsible for their body weight. Hunter / farmer diet solution is comprised of healthy foods and exercises which will work in alignment with your body type.

Before going along with the diet plan, dieters will need to answer set of questionnaire. Your body type and diet regime will be determined on the basis of your answer for these questions.

Who Can Follow Hunter / Farmer Diet?

Farmer/hunter diet solution is one of the most realistic weight loss solutions. Men and women of all age groups can abide by the diet program. The onus of recognizing your body type is on diet solution.

When your body will get adequate nutrition which will be in perfect sync with your body type, you naturally will attain slimmer body and better health.

Bodies of dieters touted as hunters work in same rhythm in which body of our hunter ancestors used to work. And bodies of dieters touted as farmers function in the same way in which body of our farmer ancestors used to work.

Cause of Obesity

Dr. Mark Liponis contends, today people don’t endeavor to identify their body types and keep feeding foods which actually trigger reactions in their bodies and make their bodies both sick and overweight.

Farmer Body Type

Should you belong to farmer body type, your diet will consist of low carb, high protein and low fat plant based foods. Dieters belonging to farmer body type have fragile bodies, and their metabolism too is not very strong.

As compared to hunter type dieters, their bodies are quite accustomed to processed foods. Due to this reason, despite consuming processed foods in enormous quantity, some people don’t gain weight.

That being said, you are recommended to keep check on your consumption of processed and refined foods because they have plenty of artificial preservatives added in them having adverse impacts on your body.

Dieters with farmer body type generally have pear shaped body which means trim waist and hefty hips and thighs. They are less likely to become victim of diabetes and cardiac disease.

Hunter Body Type

Should you belong to hunter type body, you will rely more on high-fat and low carb foods. People with hunter body type generally have muscular body, and strong metabolism. Their bodies need animal fat and proteins to function adequately.

Hunters kept roaming in wild areas to arrange foods from them. They didn’t have meals very often and had just one or two big meals in a day. Processed foods are not apt for them and they might face hard time in digesting processed foods.

Dieters with hunter type body have apple shaped body i.e. rotund waist, and narrow hips and thighs. They are very likely to become victim of cardiac diseases and diabetes.

Workouts in Hunter / Farmer Body Type

Exercises are equally vital for both kinds of dieters. Both of them should inculcate cardio workouts such as jogging, cycling, walking, swimming etc. in their daily regime.

In addition to that, they can also practice various yoga postures. Physically active life was part of both hunters and farmers, therefore none of the body type is compatible with sedentary lifestyle.

Practice workouts for minimum five days in a week and thirty to forty minutes in a day. Drink ample amount of water and maintain proper hydration level in your body.

Benefits of Hunter / Farmer Diet Plan

Hunter / Farmer diet plan has several benefits, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • The diet program is not universal and one for all kinds of diet program. You will be allotted diet plan on the basis of your physiology and metabolism. Dieters have fair chances of attaining desired results while moving along with the diet plan.
  • You will attain healthy body because diet solution will free you from myriad diseases by feeding nutrient dense foods to your body. These foods will bring healthy changes in your body and will keep check on foods triggering inflammatory reactions and others.
  • Claims made in diet plan are thoroughly logical and practical to follow. They are all braced with scientific facts, and there is absolutely no skepticism regarding trustworthiness of diet program.

Drawbacks of Hunter / Farmer Diet Plan

Let’s have a look at some of the drawbacks of diet solution.

  • The diet program has eliminated several foods from the diet regime. Eradication of these foods might cut you from your friends and social groups.
  • The diet program doesn’t have organized meal plan. Dieters might need to do brainstorming for designing their meal plans.
  • The diet program has not defined time limit of the program. Dieters themselves need to figure out on their own for how long they should remain stick to it.

Sample Meal Plan

Let’s have a look at one of sample meal plans of both hunter and farmer body types.


Hunters can have egg whites with tomatoes, spinach, low-fat dairy milk etc. in their breakfast.

Farmers can have oatmeal with skimmed milk, pancakes, whole grain bread with lettuce and tomato, unsweetened tea or coffee etc. in their breakfast.

Morning Snack

Hunters can have baked chicken piece with vegetable salad in their morning snack.

Farmers can have walnuts, avocados, fresh fruit etc.in their morning snacks.


Hunters can have boiled or grilled fish such as salmon, tuna, chicken breast, bacon etc.in their lunch.

Farmers can have steamed asparagus, broccoli, poached bacon etc. in their lunch.

Afternoon Snack

Hunters can have raw fruits and vegetables, green smoothie etc. their afternoon snack.

Farmers can have blueberries, strawberries dipped in yogurt, or tofu in their afternoon snack.


Hunters can have steamed spinach, broccoli with herbs and spices sprinkled over them in their dinner.

Farmers can have whole wheat tortilla, shredded low fat cheddar cheese etc. in their dinner.

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  1. I don’t agree with any of this article. It doesn’t align with what a hunter would eat or a farmer.
    What is written here is a body builders diet for the hunter tag, and the farmer tag is more of an athletes diet.
    Go back and research what a hunter would have eaten over the last 45,000 years.


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