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Ian Somerhalder Workout, Exercise, Diet Plan

Does the bare chest shirtless Damon Salvatore of “The Vampire Dairies” makes your adrenal go crazy??? Does the toned physique of your hero Ian Somerhalder make you sit on your bed sleepless and wonder about the reason behind it?? Well, Ian Somerhalder, the Sagittarius white American actor truly has a body that works as a girl magnet. With a height of around 5 ft 9 ½ inches, and weighing 71 kg or roughly 156.5 pounds, this leading actor of everybody’s favorite TV show “The Vampire Dairies” is a killer with an ultramodern look and stunning figure. He is every girl’s heart-throb and every guy’s role model. After seeing his physique most of the youngsters today started to visit the gym in order to get a body like him but they should know that they have to follow a strict diet and workout regime in order to get a body like Ian Somerhalder.


Ian was born on December 8 in the year 1978 in Covington, Louisiana to Robert Somerhalder and Edna Somerhalder. His father who is French with English descent, was an independent building contractor, while his mother who belonged to Choctaw as well as is of Irish descent, was a massage therapist. His original name is Ian Joseph Somerhalder. Ian has a brother named Robert “Bob” Somerhalder and sister named Robyn Somerhalder.

Ian Somerhalder Workout Exercise Routine

The Career of Ian Somerhalder

Ian started his career at a very early age when he was only ten years old. Later his mother tried all means to make him an actor. His mother gathered every dollar and put him to acting classes. Thanks to Mrs. Somerhalder that we got a stunning and mesmerizing actor today. Playing Boone Carlyle in the TV drama “Lost” was a major break in the life of Ian Somerhalder. It helped him to make a significant mark in the minds of hundreds of audience throughout the country. But the show for which we remember this dashing hero is “The Vampire Dairies”. This show introduced us to the hitherto unknown world of vampires and even made us fall in love with one of them. Such a handsome vampire as Ian was just irresistible. No doubt he has had around 7 girlfriends before his present date Nina Dobrev. Presently, he owns a pizza parlor in Idaho, USA and also runs a charity foundation, Ian Somerhalder Foundation.


Ian believes that the secret behind his envious body shape is sufficient quantity of sleep as well as regular exercise along with lots and lots of water intake. He strictly measures the hours he sleeps and quantity of water he drinks daily.

  • Ian Somerhalder is a frequent gym goer. He spends long hours in the gym under a personal trainer. The kind of workout he follows is known as Prison Workout. The exercises that are included in this kind of workout session are Burpees, Push ups, pull ups, body planks, squats, and depth jumps. These exercises are tough and are a source of taxing your body to the fullest. It is through these regular workout sessions that he had achieved the present body status.
  • An interesting fact about his workout is that he drinks green tea in order to enhance his exercise sessions. It helps him to perform his workouts perfectly. But before blindly following Ian, you should be conscious of the quantity of green tea that you drink. Too much of it would make you sick causing diarrhea, vomiting, and headache.
  • If you closely follow Ian Somerhalder’s workout plans, you will see that it consists of exercises that tone up his muscles at the right places. He does not have a bulky body like other bodybuilders. He takes care that his lean muscles grow fast and in proportion to his somatotype. And this is what makes him so desirable and magnetic. His exercises cut off the extra fat and let it stay where it should.
  • Further, Ian is also a sports freak. He loves spending his vacations playing baseball, horseback riding and football. Riflery, cycling, and archery are some of his other pastimes. His hard-working schedules all the year round and games sessions during the holidays keep him active 365 days a year. All this keeps him fit and healthy.


  • First and foremost, Ian strictly avoids junk food. Junks are a no-no for this blue-eyed model turned actor. Secondly, he avoids alcohol. According to him, alcohol has positive effects only if consumed in limited amounts.
  • Next, his food includes items that are heavily dynamic. He changes his food habits according to time and current workout levels. Always remember you should eat as per your body type. Just copying your hero’s diet chart won’t help. Your daily routine, your body structure, strength, level of energy consumption are different from Ian. So if you want a well-toned body like him, know the nature of your body first and plan your diet accordingly.

Some interesting health facts about Ian Somerhalder:

  • Ian Somerhalder’s vital stats: Ian’s chest measures around 38”, biceps about 16” and waist is 30” (it is just a guess, as he himself has not revealed about them).
  • Ian loves yoga. He also loves spending his vacations with family and also by engaging in a number of sports activities. This keeps him fit and fresh.
  • He was a member of varsity soccer and baseball team.
  • Ian rarely smokes cigarettes.
  • He was raised by his mother on organic foods which proves that he was only given pure and non-junk food when young.
  • He has always maintained a strict, healthy and nutritious diet from an early age.
  • He was given the honor of the Sexiest Beast by Entertainment Weekly Bracket Poll in 2010.
  • Due to his ultra-modern look and well-maintained physique, he models for quite a few number of online menswear companies. The labels that he endorses are J Crew, Acne, and Alexander Wang. He also works for Calvin Klein, American Eagle Outfitters, Guess?.
  • Ian Somerhalder is not a vegetarian even though he fights for animals through “Ian Somerhalder Foundation”. Ian Somerhalder is strongly against the cruelty shown towards animals in the typical factory farms. But this has still not stopped him from having meat in his daily meals.

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