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Imran Khan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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“Chocolate boy’ look Imran Khan is one of the most dashing, good looking, and heartthrob actors of Bollywood. Credited with killer look, the handsome actor made boisterous entry into Bollywood with his blockbuster movie, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na in 2008. The movie had him win the prestigious Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut. Although the actor had also appeared in the movies Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988) and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander (1992) as child actor, but as leading young actor Janne Tu Ya Jaane Na was his first movie.

The green-eyed romantic actor inevitably resides in the hearts of innumerable girls. Lean and athletic body of Imran bestows him the nerve to flaunt his body in shirtless scenes, and the hunk skips no chance of showing off his flab free muscular body.

Imran Khan Diet Plan

Genetically slender Imran is naturally inclined to healthy and nutritious foods. He refrains from sweet and fizzy drinks. Both the foods comes under unwholesome food items having severe impacts on your body. And foods available on the set being high in fat prompt him to carry homemade meals with him.

Being an early riser, his day starts at 7:30 am in the morning with a glass of chocolate milk. He eats small and wholesome meals after every two or three hours. Several small meals in a day maintain him in high spirit and provide his body fuel to go along with tedious shoots.

Besides that, small meals are excellent way of pacifying your appetite because when your body keeps having foods after small intervals, it doesn’t stockpile fats. Frequent meals send the message to your body that you are fine and are well nourished with foods. However, long gap between your meals develop famine like situation in your body, as a result of which your body begin hoarding fats to meet long starvation periods.

His preference for nutrient dense food items has him eat nutritious foods such as chicken, dal, brown rice, omelet, mixed veggies etc. His food choices inculcate abundant healthy Indian foods except for yogurt, to which Imran is intolerant. Despite being not in love with fruits, the hot and sexy actor makes sure that he eats minimum one or two fruits in a day.

And in desserts, instead of having sweet cake, pastry, or any other high-calorie food item, he likes eating dark chocolate. Dark chocolate being great anti-oxidant food is the best food to eat in desserts.

Imran Khan Workout Routine

Imran Khan workout

The stylish actor sculpts his body with intense exercises. Without fail, Imran hits gym five to six times in a week and practices strenuous workouts for two hours. While being monitored by his personal trainer, Zac Fotheringham, Imran was lately busy in giving his physique tough and muscular look for the movie Gori Tere Pyar Mein.

His workouts are mainly directed to make his lean body look more athletic and resilient. Being equipped with naturally revved up metabolism, the captivating actor heavily counts on strength training to shape up his lean muscles. Cardio workouts being fat burner workouts are not in the hit list of Imran because he doesn’t have surplus fats to scorch.

Besides them, Imran practices martial training and yoga. While martial training imparts warrior like qualities to him, yoga makes him body flexible and capable of making tough moves without being injured.

Healthy Recommendation For Imran Khan Fans

The desire to acquire sculpted body is commendable but your approach to translate the dream into reality should also be right and approachable. Should you wish to have six pack abs without bulking up your body, you can execute CrossFit training or you can incorporate weight lifting in your exercise regime.

The high impact training session puts your idle muscles at work and get you molded body. However, make sure that the intensity of weights picked by you accommodates your stamina and endurance level.

Since you all are equipped with different strengths and endurance levels, don’t make yourself vulnerable of being injured by lifting weight, which actually are too hefty for you. Mimicking your peers and role models might turn out to be very risky or at times disastrous. So, without being tempted to attain swift results, swear by dexterous as well as meticulous approach of melting pounds.

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